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Oprah And Sharpton Attack Black Lives Matter Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - If one thing is clear to African-American youth, it is that so-called Black leadership has been complicit in the catastrophe that has engulfed their communities – that the “leaders” are part of the problem, not the solution.

Bed Wench Stacey Dash Accuses Al Sharpton Of Waging Jihad Against...

AFRICANGLOBE - Stacey Dash is turning up the heat on social media again, this time in the aftermath of the alleged ambush of two NYPD cops on Saturday afternoon. The actress told her Twitter followers that the murders “are the natural result of the Jihad on cops” prompted by Rev. Al Sharpton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. “They should be held accountable.”

Bill O’Reilly On Blacks: ‘All You Hear Is Grievance, Grievance, Grievance!...

AFRICANGLOBE - Sexual predator and racial arsonist Bill O’Reilly has some pointers for Black people: "Instead of preaching a cultural revolution, the leadership provides excuses for failure. The race hustlers blame White privilege, an unfair society, a terrible country. So the message is, it’s not your fault if you abandon your children, if you become a substance abuser, if you are a criminal. No, it’s not your fault, it’s society’s. That is the big lie that is keeping some African Americans from reaching their full potential."

Al Sharpton Does Not Have My Ear: Why We Need New...

AFRICANGLOBE - If the nation does not believe in and protect its people, we should not be surprised when the people no longer believe the idea of the nation itself. These young people, some more militant than others, some whose understandable nihilism and “don’t give a f___” attitudes show up as militancy, are looking for leaders with the courage to tell the truth.The inconvenient truth is that the continued machinations of racism and its devastating and traumatizing impact upon Black communities will be the undoing of America.

Snitches Get Riches – Ask Agent Al

AFRICANGLOBE - The saying that has been inculcated in the minds and lives of Blacks across this nation, “Snitches Get Stitches” came to mind as I watched a YouTube video with Yvette Carnell and Paschal Robert discussing Al Sharpton’s role as a New York mob snitch.

Al Sharpton Worked As FBI Informant In The 80s

AFRICANGLOBE - Sharpton became an informant after he was caught on tape with a drug kingpin discussing cocaine deals, and the feds threatened him with charges unless he flipped and snitched on Mafia acquaintances, according to The Smoking Gun. In an interview on Monday, Sharpton disputed much of the report, saying he turned to authorities after receiving threats from Gambino family member Joseph (Joe Bana) Buonanno and others.

Cornel West Calls Al Sharpton “House Negro of Obama Plantation”

AFRICANGLOBE - Public intellectual Cornel West tore into many of this week’s speeches surrounding the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s “I Have a Dream” speech, accusing everyone from President Obama to Rev. Al Sharpton of “sanitizing” Dr. King’s vision.

Al Sharpton Responds To Bill O’Reilly: ‘Man Up’

AFRICANGLOBE - Al Sharpton fired back at Bill O'Reilly in an interview on Friday, saying that the Fox News host needs to "man up and grow up." Sharpton's comments came after O'Reilly revealed that.

Acquittal In Trayvon Martin Murder Trial A Wake-up Call

AFRICANGLOBE - The Trayvon Martin murder should be a true wake-up call for Black America — for a lot of folks who thought they were free, and thought that everything is great. Our children are targeted. Our community is targeted.

Black People Must Focus On Big Issues

Black people spend too much time focused on entertainment and other trivia than on important issues affecting their lives. In a culture driven by celebrity, entertainment gossip, bling and distraction, there is an open question as to whether the type of political mobilization required to meet the challenges of those issues is possible.

Which Leaders Really Speak for Black America?

AFRICANGLOBE - Is there a leadership crisis in Black America? A new poll suggests African-Americans think so. The poll was commissioned by BET founder Robert L. Johnson, also the chairman of The RLJ Companies, and was released by Zogby Analytics. And the results are shocking.

Al Sharpton: NYPD Secret Recording is “Smoking Gun” In Stop-and-Frisk Case

AFRICANGLOBE - Rev. Al Sharpton has stated that the secret recording released in court depicting a NYPD inspector instructing officers to specifically stop and frisk young Black men is a "smoking gun," proving the NYPD uses racial profiling.

Obama Meets With Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, ‘Influential Progressives’

AFRICANGLOBE - President Barack Obama met with Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton and other "influential progressives" on Tuesday as part of his campaign to sell...

Marc Morial, Ben Jealous, Al Sharpton, Who’s Truly Fighting for Black...

Since President Obama was elected with 93% of the votes cast by Black America, there is now a conversation regarding how to leverage unprecedented...

Sharpton and Other Media-Appointed “Black Leaders” Support Obama on Gay Marriage

Reverend Al Sharpton, President of National Action Network, along with Julian Bond, Chairman Emeritus of NAACP, Melanie Campbell, President and CEO of the National...

Al Sharpton Considering Suit Against NYPD Over Spying Allegations

AFRICANGLOBE - A day after blogger Len Levitt wrote a post alleging that the New York City Police Department planted spies inside the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network headquarters in Harlem, Sharpton has threatened to sue the city.