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Lawyers Want Manslaughter Charge Dropped Against Woman Who Lost Baby During...

AFRICANGLOBE - Attorneys for an Alabama woman facing a manslaughter count in the miscarriage of her fetus that resulted from being shot during a fight filed court papers seeking to get the charge tossed, calling the indictment "completely unreasonable and unjust." Lawyers for Marshae Jones, 27, filed the motion Monday in Jefferson County Circuit Court.

Its His Fault: Alabama Cops New Explanation For Shooting Wrong Man

AFRICANGLOBE - Alabama police say a Black man mistaken for an active shooter during a mall shooting had "heightened the sense of threat" by drawing his own firearm after shots rang out. Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr, 21, had "brandished a gun" as police responded to Thursday's incident at the shopping centre near Birmingham, they said. Police initially said Mr Bradford, a US Army veteran, was the gunman, before backtracking on Friday. Police initially said Mr Bradford, a US Army veteran, was the gunman, before backtracking on Friday.

Wrong Man Killed By Alabama Police In Mall Shooting

AFRICANGLOBE - Police responding to a shooting at a mall in Alabama apparently shot and killed the wrong person — a Black man — leaving the suspected gunman at large following a violent episode that wounded two others on Thanksgiving night.

Black In Alabama: Life In Prison For 2.5 Pounds Of Marijuana

AFRICANGLOBE - A Cowarts, Alabama, man was sentenced this week to life in prison—for being caught with 2 ½ pounds of pot. And yes, he is Black. Houston County Circuit Court Judge Michael Conaway sentenced Richard Bolden, 39, to life for one count of felony trafficking marijuana. He was also sentenced to eight more years in prison—to be served consecutively—for a bail jumping charge.

Payday Lenders Targeting Black Neighborhoods

AFRICANGLOBE - Payday lenders offer small uncollateralized short-term loans, typically using flat fees rather than annualized interest. In Alabama, lenders are allowed to charge up to $17.50 per $100 borrowed - that translates to an annualized interest of 456 percent.

SBA Initiative Targets Alabama’s Black Belt

AFRICANGLOBE - The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Alabama district office has recently launched an initiative to increase government-backed lending to companies in underserved markets in the state. The “Campaign for the 100”, which was created by SBA Lending Specialist Roderick D. Perkins, was established to help lenders originate at least 100 SBA-guaranteed loans in Alabama’s Black Belt region.

Alabama Inmates Plan Strike Against Prison Slavery

AFRICANGLOBE - Inmates in at least one Alabama correctional facility are planning a prison-wide work stoppage that threatens to bring production to a halt over pay and court conditions, according to an inmate who spoke to reporters from his cell.

Alabama Grants Posthumous Pardons to Scottsboro Boys After 80 Years

AFRICANGLOBE - On March 25, 1931, nine Black boys headed west on a Southern Railroad train from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Near the town of Stevenson, Alabama, in the state’s northeastern corner, a fight began with some White youths. A posse – a popular means of dispensing justice in the Jim Crow days – met the train at Paint Rock. The Black boys were accused of having raped two White females who had been on the train

Alabama Pardons ‘Scottsboro Boys,’ Blacks Falsely Accused of Raping White Women...

AFRICANGLOBE - The legacy of the "Scottsboro Boys" is secure: The nine Black teens were wrongly convicted more than 80 years ago in one of America's most infamous racial tragedies.

The Gun Debate: Don’t Let Them Rewrite Black History

AFRICANGLOBE - Rush Limbaugh thinks John Lewis should have been armed. “If a lot of African-Americans back in the ’60s had guns and the legal right to use them for self-defense, you think they would have needed Selma?”

Huh? 34 Percent Of Black Men Are Unable To Vote In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Voter research in Alabama shows that 34 percent of Black men have permanently lost the right to vote. Even more shocking, the research shows that in 10 years, that number will be higher than it has been since the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

Alabama Teen Arrested for Plans to Bomb Black Classmates

AFRICANGLOBE - A self-described ‘white supremacist’ Alabama teen who police accuse of plotting to kill his gay and Black classmates with bombs is expected to plead not guilty today (9 January). Derek Shrout, 17, was arrested on 4 January after a teacher found his journal and contacted the authorities.

Tea Party Republicans Attempting To Re-Fight the Civil War Says Jesse...

"The first Sunday in March, 1965, we marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama for the right to vote. That movement to...

Dr. John Henrik Clarke

AFRICANGLOBE - As a youngster Clark caddied for Dwight Eisenhower and Omar Bradley "long before they became Generals or President," Clarke recalls in describing his upbringing in rural Alabama.