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The Genealogy Of Alexander Pushkin

AFRICANGLOBE - Although the vast majority of African Americans are unfamiliar with Pushkin's monumental works, most students of literature are at least aware of his "Blackamoor of Peter the Great", an unfinished romance which relates the biographical data of the poet's great-grandfather, Ibrahim Petrovitch Gannibal his Black great-grandfather.

Addis Ababa Awaits Pushkin Statue From Moscow

AFRICANGLOBE - Born in 1799 in Moscow, Alexander Pushkin, whose ancestry is claimed by both Ethiopia and Eritrea, is considered the father of modern Russian literature, he also gave Russia a it's first written language. Pushkin's grandfather, Abram Gannibal, is believed to have been born in Ethiopia in 1679. The son of an Ethiopian prince, Gannibal was kidnapped and taken to Russia at the age of eight as a slave of Russian Czar Peter the Great.

Russia-Africa: A Widening Gap

AFRICANGLOBE - It is hard to agree with the international relations experts who argue that the Russo-Africa relationship is close-to nonexistent. How can one even make such a statement considering that the grandfather of Russia's greatest poet and founder of the language proper, Alexander Pushkin was African?