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‘Your Skin Colour Was A Crime’: African Migrants In Algeria

AFRICANGLOBE - 2018 has been a terrible year for migrant workers in Algeria, marked by the biggest number of arrests and deportations ever. One of the first expulsions of migrants was triggered by a fight between some African workers and locals in the suburbs of Algiers two years ago. Security forces arrested 1500 Africans, deporting hundreds to the border with Niger.

Algeria Turns To Africa To Solve Its Economic Problems

AFRICANGLOBE - When oil prices plunged, the Algerian economy followed piling pressure on policymakers to find a sustainable solution. The government in response to this opted to diversify. They launched a new economic strategy that looked at developing new ideas to take the country away from oil revenue dependency. The government opted to slow public expenditure by 9 per cent in reaction to low oil prices.

Algeria And Turkey Plan Joint Assault On African Markets

AFRICANGLOBE - Algeria and Turkey plan to work as strategic economic partners in Africa, the Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalik Sellal said in a business forum held in Algiers on Wednesday. "Turkish brothers, lets go together hand in hand on the African Market. We can accomplish all business together," Sellal said.

Weakness: Mali Government Bowing To Terrorists

AFRICANGLOBE - Mali's government has its back to the wall. Three quarters of Malian territory is again under the control of rebels following a major offensive by Tuareg forces in the region around Kidal in the north that began in May.

Five Reasons Not To Write Off Africa In World Cup 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - Five teams carry the hopes of the African continent into World Cup 2014: Algeria, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria. According to the pundits, those hopes will not be enough to get any of them into the knockout phase, but those pundits could well be wrong.

Hostages, Assailants Killed in Algeria

AFRICANGLOBE - A Mauritanian news agency, quoting a spokesman for the kidnappers, reports that 35 hostages and 15 assailants have been killed, after an Algerian army attack on the Amenas gas field where an undetermined number of foreign hostages were being held captive by islamists.

Terrorists in Algeria Take 41 Foreigners Hostage Including 7 Americans

AFRICANGLOBE - Armed militants with suspected links to Al-Qaeda have killed two people, wounded six others and abducted 41 foreigners in an attack on a gas field run by the oil giant BP in central Algeria. Algerian state media said one of those killed was a British national, but this has not been confirmed by the British Foreign Office.

Algeria Opposing Military Intervention in Northern Mali

International military intervention in Mali would be an “adventure” that would never succeed, Algeria warned on Tuesday, urging a political solution to pave the...

Algeria Committing ‘State Terrorism’ And Atrocities In Northern Mali

AFRICANGLOBE - What began ostensibly in January 2012 as just another invasion by the Sahara desert's Tuareg tribesmen has evolved into what media commentators are calling 'Africa's Afghanistan'. The Tuareg inhabit the Central Sahara and Sahel. Their population is estimated at 2-3 millions. Their largest numbers, some 800,000, live in Mali, followed by Niger, with smaller concentrations in Algeria, Burkina Faso and Libya. In addition, a diaspora extends to Europe, North America, other parts of North and West Africa, the Sahel and beyond.

Understanding Algeria’s Hidden Hand in the Mali Crisis

After years of calling for greater military action in northern Mali, Algeria is now advocating a negotiated solution. Why the apparent change the heart? In...