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Algeria And Turkey Plan Joint Assault On African Markets

AFRICANGLOBE - Algeria and Turkey plan to work as strategic economic partners in Africa, the Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalik Sellal said in a business forum held in Algiers on Wednesday. "Turkish brothers, lets go together hand in hand on the African Market. We can accomplish all business together," Sellal said.

NRA Praises White Vigilante Patrols That Shot Blacks After Katrina

AFRICANGLOBE - "My uncle was very excited that it was a free-for-all--White against Black--that he could participate in," says the woman. "For him, the opportunity to hunt Black people was a joy." Cam Edwards, host of the National Rifle Association's news show, claimed that after Hurricane Katrina residents of the New Orleans neighborhood Algiers "were looking out for each other by walking the streets armed with firearms." But according to a federal hate crimes indictment and numerous media reports, after Katrina White gun-toting vigilantes in Algiers targeted African-Americans with racially motivated violence.