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Russia Seeking Military Cooperation With Sudan

AFRICANGLOBE - Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said his country is working on reaching a military cooperation agreement with Sudan. Lavrov's assertion came during a joint press conference with his Sudanese counterpart, Ali Karti, following a meeting between the two men in Khartoum.

Sudan On High Alert Over Possible Israeli Attack

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudan has put its military and security organs on high alert, saying it expects an Israeli attack on its territory, a senior official said on Sunday. The foreign affairs minister Ali Karti told the Sudanese daily Next day that the Sudanese government has taken seriously the Israeli allegations of Sudan’s support to the Islamic movement, Hamas.

Sudan Slams Egyptian Media’s Provocation Over Ethiopian Dam

AFRICANGLOBE - The Sudanese foreign minister Ali Karti criticized Cairo's approach in dealing with Ethiopian Renaissance Dam issue and called on the Egyptian media and other circles to stop what he described as "clowning".

Sudan FM Criticizes Egypt Over Ethiopian Dam Arrogance

AFRICANGLOBE - Sudanese foreign minister Ali Karti has criticised Egypt for its handling of a dispute involving the construction of a massive dam project in Ethiopia, which it has vehemently opposed over concerns it could disrupt water flows from the Nile river.

North Sudan On the Verge of Economic Collapse; Govt Pleads for...

The Sudanese economy faces collapse unless the international community steps in to provide assistance in the area of debt relief, the foreign minister Ali Karti said on Thursday.