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Africa’s Richest Man, Dangote, Takes Cement Empire To Asia

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, says he’s expanding his cement empire to Asia and it will be operational in 30 months. The 58-year-old Nigerian billionaire said Dangote Cement Plc should complete a factory in Nepal by the end of 2017. It has received 90 percent of the regulatory approvals needed to start construction in the south Asian nation hit by two earthquakes this year, he said.

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s Richest Man, Wants To Buy Arsenal Soccer Club

AFRICANGLOBE - Five years after he was turned down by Arsenal, Nigerian billionaire industrialist Aliko Dangote said he still wants to buy the storied English Premier League soccer team—for the right price.

With Cameroon And Senegal Clinched, Dangote’s Quest For Cement Domination Hitting...

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria’s largest cement manufacturer, Dangote Cement, is fast on track to expand into 13 other African nations as production on a $150 million plant in Cameroon has commenced. The company added in a statement on Tuesday that it has also inaugurated a further 1.5 million Metric Tonnes Per Annum (mmtpa) capacity to its Senegal plant in Pout this January.

Africa’s Richest Man Aliko Dangote Ventures Into Construction

AFRICANGLOBE - Aliko Dangote, the owner of Africa’s largest industrial conglomerate, Dangote Group, has announced a multi-million dollar Joint Venture deal with the Italian construction giant Saipem. This will birth a new company to be named Saipem-Dangote Engineering and Construction (E&C).

Dangote May List Africa’s Largest Oil Refinery Being Built In Nigeria

AFRICANGLOBE - Dangote Group, controlled by Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote, may list an oil refinery it is building in Nigeria once it becomes profitable. The plant, which will be able to process 500,000 barrels of crude a day, will be situated near the commercial hub of Lagos

Dangote Still The Richest Man In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite the economic downward spiral in recent times, business magnate Aliko Dangote still retains his title as the richest man in Africa. According to Forbes, Aliko's loss of $10 .3 billion which is tagged the biggest loss of the year didn't deprive him of retaining the number one spot in Africa.

The African Billionaires 2015

AFRICANGLOBE - There are 29 African billionaires this year, the same number as in 2014. While 2 tycoons – South African mining magnate Desmond Sacco and Moroccan real estate mogul Anas Sefrioui fell off the billionaire rankings this year, Mohammed Dewji of Tanzania makes his debut on the list with a fortune estimated at $1.3 billion. At 39, Dewji is the youngest billionaire in Africa.

The Five Largest: Dangote Has A Thing For Doing It Big

AFRICANGLOBE - World’s richest Black man, Aliko Dangote is arguably the brightest industrialist in Africa. His penchant for spotting lucrative opportunities hidden within socio-economic challenges is what has catapulted him to the pulpit of industrial bliss. But beyond that, when he takes up a business project, he ensures it is the largest. Here are five Dangote factories that hold the records for Africa’s largest in their different categories.

Why Dangote Is Africa’s Smartest Businessman

AFRICANGLOBE - Just when everyone else was applying the brakes to their investments in Nigeria’s oil industry, Aliko Dangote, Africa’s Richest Man, adds more fuel to his tank and steps on the throttle. The Nigerian media has titled him Nigeria’s saving grace. But despite the economic salvation of Dangote’s latest action, it is still driven by clever business calculations, perpetuated by the shrewd master of the game.

Aliko Dangote Is “A Lion Of Africa’s Business”

AFRICANGLOBE - "Aliko Dangote is a lion of Africa in terms of business. He is second to none when it comes to investing in Africa, not just in Nigeria. He is also a capitalist with a big heart. He puts his money where his mouth is and his foundation is a step forward for a man who wants to make a difference on the continent.”

Five Quotes From Dangote On Why He Is Immensely Successful

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of you young entrepreneurs might not have met Africa’s richest man Alhaji Aliko Dangote, but if you can connect with some of his quotes you can grasp the scope of how he thinks, his motivation. These five quotes are words by the man himself and I hope you will find inspiration from them.

Africa’s 50 Richest 2014

AFRICANGLOBE - For the first time in the four years that FORBES has been tracking Africa’s richest, Nigeria bests South Africa. At the top yet again is cement tycoon Aliko Dangote of Nigeria, joined on the list of Africa’s 50 Richest by 12 other countrymen. In comparison South Africa claims 11 spots, down from 14 a year ago. Nigeria is showing its strength, having earned commendations for its efforts to snuff out Ebola in the country, which Dangote helped fund — and despite a recent drop in oil prices.

Africa Welcomes Five New Dollar Billionaires

AFRICANGLOBE - The Richest People in Africa list remains the most comprehensive compilation of the continent’s wealthiest individuals. In 2014, we counted 55 African billionaires with a net worth totalling $161.7 billion, a 12.4 percent rise from $143.8 billion in 2013. This year Africa welcomed five new billionaires, four of whom are Nigerian.

Nigerian Billionaire Aliko Dangote Is Africa’s 2nd Most Powerful Person

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigerian billionaire Aliko Dangote is the 2nd most powerful man in Africa, according to FORBES Magazine’s latest ranking of the World’s Most Powerful People.

Africa’s Richest Man To Help Liberia In Fight Against Ebola

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa’s wealthiest man, Aliko Dangote, has promised to assist Liberia as the West African country fights against the spread of the Ebola virus. Dangote promised to assist the country with medical personnel and other human and material resources to contain the spread of the disease.

Africa’s Richest Man To Invest In Tanzanian Coal Mine

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, has announced new plans to invest an undisclosed sum in the development of a major coal mine in Tanzania, even as he continues to expand his business interests across the continent.