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Run-D.M.C. Files $50 Million Lawsuit Against Amazon And Walmart

AFRICANGLOBE - Iconic hip hop group Run-D.M.C. is suing Walmart and Amazon for a whopping $50 million over selling fake merchandise. The suit claims that the two companies are “advertising, selling, manufacturing, promoting and distributing multiple products” in the group’s name, like shirts, hats, wallets, patches and more.

These Companies Were The Biggest Recipients Of Corporate Welfare In 2016

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite attempts to shrink America’s safety net, state governments are doling out subsides, tax breaks and other incentives to major corporations. Defenders of the corporate welfare system rest their hopes on future economic benefits, while critics question if the money spent lining the pockets of large corporations will actually lead to future revenue and job growth.

If Elected Marina Silva Would Be Brazil’s First Black President

AFRICANGLOBE - Marina Silva, a front-running presidential candidate who grew up in the Amazon jungle and could become the first Black to lead Brazil's government, said Wednesday that if elected she'll improve ties with the U.S. and strongly push for human rights in nations like Cuba.

Alibaba’s IPO Hasn’t Happened Yet, But It’s Already Landed A Punch...

AFRICANGLOBE - Alibaba hasn’t even gone public yet and it’s already creating headaches for Amazon. Amazon’s stock price has been having an uncharacteristically rough year, in part due to a bout of investor fatigue with its post-profit business model. But it’s down almost 3% today, and this time, Alibaba’s IPO is probably to blame.