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Susan Rice’s Profile Defies Republican Caricatures

AFRICANGLOBE - As UN ambassador Susan Rice is caricatured by Republicans and the media as too blunt and incompetent to be appointed as Secretary...

Republicans Turn Their Hate Towards Susan Rice

AFRICANGLOBE - President Barack Obama lashed out at senior Republican senators Wednesday over their criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice in the aftermath of the deadly...

Expect Burning Tires in Haiti … Not Accurate Reporting

Friday, Sept. 21, saw yet another in a series of large demonstrations across Haiti. The largest protests were registered in Cap Haitien and La...

Arab Terrorists Call for the Murder of More American Diplomats

Al Qaeda’s affiliate in North Africa said Tuesday that last week’s murder of U.S. ambassador John Christopher Stevens was a “gift” and called for...

Anti-American Demonstration Continues to Spread Throughout Arabia

The fallout from an inflammatory anti-Muslim video made in the United States continued to fester throughout the Arab World, as anti-American protests spread to...

Libya: “Revolutionaries” Massacre U.S. Diplomat and Torch Consulate

The U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were killed in an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi by protesters angry over...

WikiLeaks: MDC Minister Nelson Chamisa Asked US to Invade Zimbabwe

A month before he was sworn in as minister, MDC-T national organising secretary Nelson Chamisa asked the United States to invade Zimbabwe and force President Mugabe and Zanu-PF out of power.

Libyan Ambassador Expelled From Zimbabwe for Switching Sides

Libya's ambassador was expelled by Zimbabwe along with his staff on Tuesday for switching allegiance to Libya's ruling interim council, according to the Foreign Minister.

Egypt Ready for Talks On Nile Water Sharing

The Egyptian ambassador to Tanzania, Dr Magdy Hefny, said yesterday in Dar es Salaam that trading blame on the use of the river's water would not solve the problem.

Nigeria's FG Not Fazed By John Campbell's Tantrums

He said in all his submissions, Campbell has shown a shallow understanding of the religious and political configuration of the country