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Every 36 Hours a Police Lynching Takes Place in America

AFRICANGLOBE - Throughout the early part of the 20th century, African-American activists fought to thwart the systemic scourge of lynching. Faced with a silent and complicit populace, particularly the media and political establishment, African Americans forced the nation to bear witness to the depravity of American racism.

Morgan Freeman: Obama Isn’t First Black President

Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman is making headlines with his claim to NPR that Barack Obama isn’t America’s first Black president—Freeman says he’s America’s “first...

Into Africa – American War On Terror’s Newest Frontier

The US government's heightened preoccupation with "terrorists" is out of proportion with the threat these groups actually pose to the United States. So what...

Jim Crow Returns: New State Laws Could Take Obama Out This...

Around noon on a windy fall Sunday, the motorcade began forming. Dozens of African-Americans, ages 5 to 85, poured from the three-story New Covenant...

America’s Criminal Injustice System

If police states are ranked by the number of persons imprisoned, then America is the world’s worst and biggest police state. The system runs...

Disenfranchised In America – Blacks Fighting For The Right To Vote

AFRICANGLOBE - New legislation across the US could have a huge impact on the country’s 2012 presidential elections. Largely Republican politicians have passed a range of new voting laws that groups fear could disenfranchise as many as five million American voters this year.

America’s Largest Black Developer Sets Sights On Philly Casino

As owner and chief executive of one of America's largest African American real estate development company, R. Donahue "Don" Peebles has an impressive resumé. The...

The Reason Why America Fails to Compete Educationally

The United States cannot follow the Finnish model to emerge from second class world educational status, because the Finnish system is based on social...

How Has The Election Of Obama Change Race Relations In America?

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite the election of America's first Black president more than three years ago, America still has a long road to travel when it comes to race relations. The New York Times reports that race remains a powerful factor among a small minority of voters - particularly in poor areas with a lot of White working-class people.

America’s Slow Genocide Against its Black Population

The United States resisted signing the international treaty against genocide until 1988 – because it was guilty of the crime, and not necessarily finished....

Expanding Age Gap Between Whites And Minorities May Increase U.S. Racial...

AFRICANGLOBE - A generation gap in several states between older whites and younger Latinos and African-Americans has race relations experts concerned that age differences in the population are influencing spending and public policy in areas such as education, transportation, immigration and infrastructure.

American Travel Industry Adding Pressure Against UK APD

Through an open letter to chancellor of the United Kingdom, George Osborne, a coalition of over 30 American travel industry organisations has challenged the air passenger duty (APD) levelled by the British government on travellers to and from the UK as “excessively high and counterproductive” and urged it to abandon plans to raise the APD in 2012.

Africa’s Biggest Thieves Hiding in America

For the past four decades, a plague of cold-blooded thieves has descended upon Africa like a swarm of blood sucking ticks. These thieves masquerading as leaders have been trafficking in Africa’s natural resources and trading in the wealth created by the blood, tears and sweat of African peoples.

American Nightmare: Will It Take "Riots" For Republicans And Big Business...

There's so much cash out there that a recent Wall Street Journal article reported that Bank of New York Mellon, instead of paying out interest, was set to start charging companies a fee for any new deposits in excess of $50 million.