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2016: The Final Season Of The Clinton/Trump Reality Show

AFRICANGLOBE - This ever more divorced from reality show looks like the grand finale of a political system that’s finally discarded any lingering pretense of policy proposals, budgetary priorities, and functional governance. Now it’s all come down to a simplistic, binary choice between a bombastic, narcissistic villain and a cold, calculating scoundrel. It’s a choice between doom and not doom. It’s us versus them. Like the Fonz in a leather jacket on water skis jumping over a dangerous shark, this grotesque campaign looks more and more like one big gimmicky stunt to drum up ratings for a tired, predictable premise.

Police ‘Coup’ Prevents Newly-Elected St. Louis Area Mayor From Taking Office

AFRICANGLOBE - Betty McCray was recently elected to the office of Mayor in the St. Louis County city of Kinloch. But in spite of the fact that the St. Louis County Board of Elections have certified the election results, the local police turned out by the dozen to block her from entering City Hall and beginning her work as mayor.

You Will Be Shocked at How Ignorant Americans Really Are

AFRICANGLOBE - Earlier this year, a Harvard economist’s jaw-dropping study of American’s beliefs about the distribution of American wealth became a viral video. Now a new Pew study of the distribution of American news consumption is just as flabbergasting.