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Why Blacks And Native Americans Feel The American Flag Is Offensive

Francis Scott Key was a slave-owning racist lawyer from an old Maryland plantation family whose riches derived from the bounty of the slave industry. Key once stated that Africans in America were “a distinct and inferior race of people, which all experience proves to be the greatest evil that afflicts a community.” It should be noted that Key died defending his belief that the institution of slavery should remain legal forever. Therefore, the National Anthem should not be acknowledged in any public American setting.

Are Black Americans More Race Conscious Than Black Caribbeans?

AFRICANGLOBE - Are Caribbean people over race? One Jamaican-American blogger, Aidan Neal, says they are, at least in comparison with their American neighbors. In a provocative piece titled “Racism In America: Caribbeans Just Don't Get It“, she argued that because of their historical experiences, native-born African-Americans have an ”often unwarranted sense of racial awareness”

South Carolina Sheriff Refuses To Lower Flag In Honor Of Nelson...

AFRICANGLOBE - A South Carolina sheriff says he will not lower the American flag flying above his office to half-staff to honor the late Nelson Mandela. The sheriff's refusal flies in the face of an executive order from President Obama calling on all flags at the White House, public buildings and grounds, military posts, naval stations and naval vessels to remain lowered through sunset Monday