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Harlot Who Instigated The Savage Murder Of Emmett Till Will Not...

AFRICANGLOBE - For decades, Carolyn Bryant Donham remained silent as millions of Americans forced themselves to believe that Emmett Till whistled at her, grabbed her and verbally accosted her, before the two men kidnapped him in the pre-dawn hours of August 26, 1955. A new book about the murder is out and the woman whose false accusations led to the brutal killing of the 14-year-old confessed that her story was a lie. Like Till’s killers, Carolyn Bryant Donham will not be brought to justice or face any charges for perjury.

The Fascinating Story Of James Armistead Lafayette

AFRICANGLOBE - James Armistead Lafayette was the first African American double spy. An African American slave, Armistead was enslaved by William Armistead in Virginia during the American Revolution. James Armistead took the surname of Lafayette to honor General Lafayette, whom he served under in the Revolutionary War. Because Slave-owners seldom kept records of the births of the people they enslaved, it is unclear exactly when and where James Armistead was born, but most records agree that he was born in 1748 in Elizabeth City, Virginia.

Why Now Is The Worst Time In American History To Be...

AFRICANGLOBE - If you’re having trouble keeping up with rent, you’re not alone. Renting in the U.S. has never been as expensive as it is right now. According to a new report by the online real estate database Zillow, rents have never taken up this much of the American paycheck.

Dylann Roof Is The New Face Of Globalized Hate: Why White...

AFRICANGLOBE - There’s another element of Dylann Roof’s story that we must not ignore. Because just as much as Roof is a product of America’s past, he is also the result of distinctively modern forces. Namely, the large, multinational and influential “white nationalist” movement that is bringing together white supremacists from all over the world.

The Six Most Evil Presidents In American History

AFRICANGLOBE - “This is a country for white men, and by God, as long as I am President, it shall be a government for white men,” wrote Andrew Johnson in a letter to the governor of Missouri. In 1867, in his message to Congress, he said, “…wherever they [Black people] have been left to their own devices they have shown a constant tendency to relapse into barbarism.”

African American Historic Places To Visit

AFRICANGLOBE - Many African American historic places have deteriorated with time and lack of upkeep. When remaining sites are visited you are making a contribution to keep American history alive and respect to those who came before. Here are 5 glimpses of American history through African American historic places.

Nation’s Largest African-American History Museum At Risk In Detroit

AFRICANGLOBE - The Charles H. Wright Museum, the nation’s largest museum of African-American history, waits anxiously to see whether bankrupt Detroit will be able to provide any funding in the coming budget cycle.

What White People Need To Learn

AFRICANGLOBE - Invariably, around February of each year, coinciding with Black History Month, you’ll hear White people asking, “Why isn’t there a White history month?” Do these people mean we should condense all the American history centering around White people to just one month and devote the other 11 to Black people? Of course not.

Black Athletes Could Make History At The Winter Olympics

AFRICANGLOBE - There are five Black American athletes to keep an eye on during the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Speed skater Shani Davis, along with women’s bobsled members Lolo Jones, Lauryn Williams, Aja Evans and Jasmine Fenlator, are each in position to help make American history in the Winter Olympics.

10 Great Myths Of American History Dismantled

AFRICANGLOBE - Is Ancient America nothing more than the missing pages of Black history? Perhaps so! New documented insights are being brought forward by Dr. David Imhotep Ph.D., former nutritionist of Muhammad Ali, and author of "The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence."

Reconstruction. The Second Civil War

AFRICANGLOBE - looks at one of the least understood periods in American history, Reconstruction, which spanned the tumultuous years from 1863 to 1877. The documentary tracks the extraordinary stories of ordinary Americans -- Southerners, Northerners, White and Black -- as they struggle to shape new lives in a United States turned upside down.