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BET To Air Original Documentary CHARGED: THE DA VS. BLACK AMERICA,...

AFRICANGLOBE - "Charged: The DA vs. Black America," is an alarming wake-up call regarding the absolute power of the District Attorney. With an in-depth look into the DA's impact on individuals and families across the country, the documentary exposes how some of these elected prosecutors have contributed to America's mass incarceration of Black men. Today, there are more African-American men in prison, on parole or on probation than were enslaved in 1850.

Armed White Suspect Shoots 2 Cops, Gets In Standoff, Doesn’t Get...

AFRICANGLOBE - An armed white supremacist got into a shootout with Arkansas police officers on Wednesday, resulting in two of the officers getting shot, and the man being taken into custody alive after a long standoff. Billy Jones, 34, got into a shootout with Arkansas police officers after they responded to a domestic disturbance call at 7:15 a.m., resulting in Hackett Police Chief Darrell Spells and Sebastian County Deputy Bill Cooper getting shot.

School Bus Driver Pleads Guilty To Raping Student, Gets No Jail...

AFRICANGLOBE - A school bus driver charged with rape pleaded guilty to the crime in Hamilton County Criminal Court on Thursday. Alexander Rodriquez pleaded guilty to aggravated statutory rape, and was sentenced to serve 4 years in prison, which was suspended.

White Judge Throws Black Attorney In Jail For Wearing Black Lives...

AFRICANGLOBE - A female attorney was recently jailed in Youngstown, Ohio for refusing to remove a Black Lives Matter pin in the courtroom. Municipal Court Judge Robert Milich ruled attorney Andrea Burton was in contempt of court for refusing his orders to remove her Black Lives Matter pin while in court. Burton was sentenced to five days in jail for disobeying the judge’s order.

America On Trial: White Supremacy And The Discriminatory Justice System

AFRICANGLOBE - The release of two African-American men from prison in North Carolina after 30 years of incarceration for a murder they didn’t commit is yet another example of the American justice system’s racist targeting of African-Americans as the supposed primary criminal class in the country. Between this outrageous case, the recent police broad daylight execution of Mike Brown, and the chokehold killing of Eric Garner, we must ask: isn’t it time we launch a movement to defeat the racist law enforcement and criminal justice system’s systematic war on Black-America?