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Unconscious Racism Against Black Women?

AFRICANGLOBE - Recent events suggest that some inherent if unconscious racism still exists among some faculty and students at American universities. It is certainly noticeable that two courageous Black women should have been slighted by two major universities both of which portray themselves as supporters of diversity. It is ironic since both women have risen above the difficult circumstances of their early lives to high levels of accomplishment.

Africa Makes the Grade for Richest U.S. University Investors

AFRICANGLOBE - America's wealthiest universities are venturing into Africa's fast-growing frontier markets in search of outsized investment returns that will allow them to offer scholarships, lure star professors and fund research.

Genocide: Zionism, Rwanda and American Universities

AFRICANGLOBE - Rwandan President Paul Kagame will speak at the University of Hartford, Connecticut’s Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies this coming Tuesday, March 12, to mark the launch of its both “Genocide and Holocaust Education Initiative,” even though scholars, journalists and protestors all over the world, and nearly 20 years of U.N. investigative reports have accused Kagame himself of genocide and mass atrocities in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.