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China Offers Broader Relationship With Africa Than U.S. – Experts

AFRICANGLOBE - China's business and development model in Africa differs sharply from that of the United States, as it is offering African countries a broader relationship, U.S. according to a group of experts.

President Mugabe Accuses British American Tobacco of Sabotage

AFRICANGLOBE - The heat against British American Tobacco (BAT) intensified last week, after President Robert Mugabe threatened the company with unspecified action over allegations...

African American Farmers File Lawsuit Against Discrimination

AFRICANGLOBE - Some African American farmers in Alabama say they are still facing discrimination with the federal government. About a half dozen farmers held a...

Henri Christophe Of Haiti: King Of The First Black Republic In...

AFRICANGLOBE - Little is known about Henri Christophe's (English: Henry Christopher ) childhood. A great number of commentators report that he was born on Grenada island, a small nation in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles, and was the son of a freeman. His father, also named Christophe, was reportedly transported from West Africa or Central West Africa to Saint Domingue, the former French colony now known as Haiti.

American Rapper 50 Cent To Partner With African Entrepreneurs

When African-American music mogul 50 cent offered a million dollars to Africa’s literary giant Chinua Achebe for rights to use the title of his novel classic...

South African Miners Sue Anglo American

Former gold miners said to be suffering from a lung disease approached a UK court on Wednesday in a lawsuit against Anglo American SA (AASA).

Anglo American – Homegrown Exploitation Gone Global

In reality, nowhere in the world has a mining company been able to properly manage the full external impacts of its activities. If this were possible, the mineral extraction industry would have a benign reputation. Instead it is more accurately and correctly seen as socially and environmentally exploitative, despite the vast amounts spent on PR spin and green-wash.

Strauss-Kahn And Whitewashing Of American "Justice"

Just look no further than the "sudden turn of events" in the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. The world is "shocked" to learn that a single immigrant African mother who scrubs hotel toilet bowls and changes soiled bed sheets may have a checkered past of alleged immigration fraud, tax fraud and money laundering. Put almost any American household under the same magnifying glass, and there is bound to appear matters large and small that its members would rather keep to themselves.

Britons and Americans Sentenced in Somalia Over Pirate Cash

A Somali court has jailed six foreigners including three Britons and an American for illegally carrying millions of dollars into the country to pay ransoms for the release of vessels held by pirates