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Jacob Zuma’s Re-Election As ANC President Is a Sad Day for...

AFRICANGLOBE - While personal congratulations to the winner of an election are always in order, the re-election of Jacob Zuma as President of the ANC is not good news for South Africa. His lack of leadership on any of the major policy questions that we face will continue, as will the corruption and abuse of public resources that has so far characterised his time in office.

Zuma Second Term ‘Will Erode ANC Majority’

Jacob Zuma looks set to secure a second term as ANC president. This will likely erode ANC support and drive further unrest. Ahead of the...

ANC to Decide on Nationalisation of Mines in December

On top of deciding whether Jacob Zuma will serve another term as ANC president, the 5,000 delegates who will attend the party's 53rd national...

South Africa: ANC’s Leadership Race Opens Up

The battle for succession in the African National Congress is getting nastier as its outcome looks more uncertain. Supporters of the main protagonists fight...