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New Temples Discovered In Sudan Has Never Before Seen Architecture

AFRICANGLOBE - A veteran Swiss archaeologist has unearthed three temples in Sudan built thousands of years ago, a discovery he says promises to throw new light on Africa’s buried ancient past. The round and oval shaped structures dating from 1,500 to 2,000 BC were found late last year not far from the famed archaeological site of Kerma in northern Sudan. “This architecture is unknown … there is no example in central Africa or in the Nile Valley of this architecture.”

5,000-Year-Old Nativity Scene Discovered In Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - Italian researchers have discovered what might be the oldest nativity scene ever found — 5,000-year-old rock art that depicts a star in the east, a newborn between parents and two animals.

Civil Disobedience In Sudan And The Nubian Struggle

AFRICANGLOBE - The governments of Sudan and Egypt are executing a well thought out plan of ethnic cleansing and forced displacement of Nubians. Nubian land is being sold to foreign investors, going against the international laws that call for the protection of indigenous people. The Nubians need the support of the rest of the citizens of Sudan and Egypt and the international community. History is repeating itself.

Nubians Want To Recover Their Homeland

AFRICANGLOBE - Last weekend in Egypt’s south, Nubians launched an unprecedented challenge to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s government by marching in protest to their historic homeland, more than 50 years after they were forcibly displaced by the state. The action was part of a new youth and activist-led movement that has been brewing since the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

10 African Civilizations Equally Or More Amazing Than Ancient Egypt

AFRICANGLOBE - Unknown to most people, hundreds of smaller kingdoms have popped up throughout Africa’s history, with some eventually growing into powerful empires. These vast nations united Africa, managed wealthy trade routes, and controlled a potluck of cultures.

New Research Shows Tutankhamun’s Dagger Was Made With Iron From A...

AFRICANGLOBE - A dagger buried with King Tutankhamun was made from extraterrestrial iron from a meterorite, according to a new analysis. Two daggers — one iron and one with a blade of gold — were discovered in 1925 within the wrapping of the boy king, who was mummified more than 3,300 years ago and has mesmerised modern Egyptologists.

Nefertiti ‘Was Buried Inside King Tut’s Tomb’

AFRICANGLOBE - An archaeologist says he may have found evidence that Nefertiti, the former Queen of Egypt, is secretly buried inside Tutankhamun’s tomb. The whereabouts of Nefertiti’s remains are not known, although those of Tutankhamun - who may have been her son - were found in 1922.

How Powerful Is Egypt?

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt has a large population and strong military, but its government is unstable. So, we wanted to know, how powerful is Egypt?

10 Great African Kings You Should Know About

AFRICANGLOBE - Many of us call the Black men in our lives kings as a term of endearment, respect and encouragement, but with no extensive connection or education of Black royalty here in the Western world, those words seem nothing more than platitudes. As we celebrate the kings in our families, we’d like to introduce you to 10 real life Great Pre-colonial African Kings we should all know more about and identify with.

The Reasons Why Ancient Egypt is Special to the African Diaspora

AFRICANGLOBE - Most of us living in the Diaspora do not know which African ethnic group or groups we hail from. And so, when we honor and revere the Motherland, we tend to see it as a whole. As we evoke this naturally Pan African vision, we tend to focus on ancient Egypt.

From Alexander The Great To Africans Today

In 333 BC, after defeating two Persian armies, Alexander inherited Egypt. Wasting little time, he marched up the Nile at the head of his...

Ancient Egypt an African Genesis: part I

Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt is not for the faint of heart for it strikes at and shatters the racially charged and falsely propagated theory that the ancient Egyptians were Caucasian migrants from South West Asia who entered Egypt from different points because upon close scrutiny each point of entry betrays the “straw man” nature of the argument since it was designed to falsely portray Caucasian supremacy in a scheme offering no logic and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary of that stated position.

Memories Of Utopia The Story Of The Arab Destruction Of Ancient...

AFRICANGLOBE - Memories of Utopia the story of the Arab destruction of ancient Nubia told through the experience of Fikri el-Keshem a Nubian who along with tens of thousands of Egyptian Nubians were forcibly removed from their ancient home on the banks of the Nile in order to make way for the construction of the Aswan Dam which covered their ancient temples and flooded parts of the world's oldest civilization.