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Timbuktu: Islamist Defending the Religion or Destroying it?

AFRICANGLOBE - For centuries Timbuktu has housed ancient manuscripts detailing the Afro-Islamic contributions to society, academia and civilisation. But last week the historic teachings and readings held in the Ahmed Baba centre came under threat when jihadist group Ansar Dine took destroying the library as they fled advancing international forces led by France.

Arabs Burn Timbuktu’s Ancient Manuscripts as French and Malian Troops Close...

AFRICANGLOBE - Arab savages torched a library containing historic manuscripts in Timbuktu, the mayor said Monday, as French and Malian forces closed in on Mali's fabled desert city. Ousmane Halle said he heard about the burnings early Monday. “It's truly alarming that this has happened,'” he told The AP by telephone from Mali's capital, Bamako, on Monday. `”They torched all the important ancient manuscripts. The ancient books of geography and science. It is the history of Timbuktu, of its people.”

Timbuktu: A Great African History in Danger of Being Destroyed by...

AFRICANGLOBE - Timbuktu's thousands of manuscripts are caught in the crossfire as an international intervention force prepares to retake northern Mali from the hands of Algerian and other Arab terrorists. For the archivists faced with the dilemma of a risky evacuation or sitting tight, time is running out.

Timbuktu – Uncertainty and Fear As Arab Rebels Move in

As Timbuktu reels under Arab control, South Africa's investment in the preservation and protection of ancient manuscripts has been significantly imperilled. A good few...