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Angela Corey, One Of The Vilest Prosecutors In America Is Ousted

AFRICANGLOBE - Reviled Florida State Attorney Angela Corey lost her reelection bid on Tuesday night, prompting widespread celebration as the woman The Nation once suggested was "the cruelest prosecutor in America" was ousted. "Corey's loss is an encouraging sign that the public will no longer tolerate overzealous and unprincipled criminal prosecutions.

For Every Michael Dunn Guilty Verdict, A George Zimmerman Goes Free

AFRICANGLOBE - This is a season in which we are witnessing the senseless murder of Black people by White hands, hands that occupy a privileged White space. This is a season in which the victimhood of White killers – their implied innocence – is accepted or taken as given. This verdict in Florida on Wednesday afternoon tips towards a promise that justice is truly blind. But justice in America is fickle.

Prosecutors: Trayvon Martin’s DNA Not On Gun That Killed Him

Tests on the gun used to kill Trayvon Martin show traces of George Zimmerman's DNA but none that matches the teen, according to evidence...

Prosecutors in the Trayvon Martin Case Makes Huge Mistake

In an embarrassing screw-up, Florida prosecutors today accidentally distributed a post-mortem photo of Trayvon Martin as well as copies of George Zimmerman’s college records, material that...

New Evidence Filed in Trayvon Martin Case

As many eagerly awaited the release of never-before-seen evidence in the case against George Zimmerman, members of Special Prosecutor Angela Corey's office provided a...

George Zimmerman Arrested for 2nd Degree Murder

George Zimmerman is under arrest, charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a Florida special prosecutor announced Wednesday. Zimmerman, 28,...

Prosecutor to Make Announcement Soon in Treyvon Martin Case

As the special prosecutor plans to release new information within days about the controversial case involving 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was shot to death...

George Zimmerman’s Legal Team Calls It Quits

A special prosecutor promised "new information regarding the Trayvon Martin shooting death investigation" within 72 hours, prompting speculation that the alleged shooter, George Zimmerman, could be charged...

Grand Jury Cancellation Leaves Trayvon Martin Case in Limbo

It was unclear Tuesday when a decision will be made on whether criminal charges will be filed against George Zimmerman the Self-appointed neighborhood watch...