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‘In Terms of Doing Business, Nigeria is Junior School While Angola...

AFRICANGLOBE - Having spent here now a couple of days meeting with a variety of stakeholders and seeing Angola's capital, my first impression has given room to a more nuanced picture. Most people I have so far spoken to confirm that Angola is a vibrant and booming country.

Angola To Launch Stock Exchange In 2016

AFRICANGLOBE - The Southern African country of Angola – one of the fastest growing economies on the continent – as announced plans to launch a bourse in the next three years.

Angolan Shoppers Keeping Portugal’s Luxury Retailers Alive

AFRICANGLOBE - Angola's deep-pocketed elites are a boon for luxury retailers in recession-struck Portugal, where the central bank in January predicted a further drop in consumer spending for 2013.

Angola: Capitalism’s Daughter

AFRICANGLOBE - The January announcement by Forbes magazine that the daughter of Angola's president Isabel dos Santos is the first female Angolan billionaire received worldwide coverage. Only the state-owned newspaper, Jornal de Angola, missed a key biographical fact: she is the daughter of the second-longest- serving president in Africa: José Eduardo dos Santos.

Angola Among Africa’s Top Seven in Private Investments

AFRICANGLOBE - Angola is the seventh African country with major private investments and the 25th in amount of investments out of a total of 208 nations of the world.

Colonization In Reverse: Portuguese Cry Foul As Angola Flexes Its Economic...

AFRICANGLOBE - Portuguese journalists are increasingly concerned by Angola's growing investment and influence in their country. Buoyed by petrodollars and diamonds, powerful Angolan interests have been indulging in a buying spree in their former colonial power.

Angolan Economy Will Remain Stable

AFRICANGLOBE - The Angolan economy will continue to record a high security and stability trend, said Wednesday the Angola Reserve Bank (BNA) governor, José Lima Massano. The BNA official was speaking in Luena, eastern Moxico province, during the presentation of the new series of banknotes and coins of the Angolan currency (Kwanza).

Namibia: Oil Refinery On the Cards

AFRICANGLOBE - Namibia's Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) met with Angola's Ministry of Petroleum in mid-February to discuss cooperation on crude oil supply and the construction of an oil storage terminal along the Namibia/Angolan border.

Angola: Is This the Country Agostinho Neto Dreamt Of?

AFRICANGLOBE - The southern African nation is now peaceful and petro-dollars are pouring in. Yet the greatest beneficiaries are the United States, Great Britain and Portugal, the evil triad that laboured in vain to abort the Angolan dream It will be 34 years, come September, since the death of Dr. Agostinho Neto, Angola's first president. Dr. Neto was the man who changed the face of Angola's armed struggle against Portuguese occupation after joining the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA).

Angola: Fight Against U.S. Dollar Continues Ahead of July 1 Deadline

AFRICANGLOBE - Oil firms, embassies, consulates and other foreign institutions operating in Angola will from July 1 be required to make their payments for goods and services in the local Kwanza currency. The Angolan National Reserve Bank (BNA) in a statement issued Tuesday said this conforms with current official policy to fight the dollarisation of the economy.

Isabel Dos Santos, Daughter Of Angola’s President Country’s First Female Billionaire

AFRICANGLOBE - Over the past few years Isabel dos Santos, the oldest daughter of Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, has been buying more shares of publicly traded companies in Portugal, including shares in a bank and a cable TV company. Those stakes, combined with assets Isabel dos Santos owns in at least one bank in Angola, have pushed her net worth over the $1 billion mark, making the 40-year-old Angola’s first female billionaire.

Africa: the Rise of the Sovereign Wealth Fund

AFRICANGLOBE - African sovereign wealth funds are emerging to save and invest resource revenues. If efficient, they could also boost domestic growth and credit ratings. A spate of sovereign wealth funds are opening across Africa as resource-rich countries look to manage their revenues.

Angola’s Richest Woman to Acquire Stake In Private Airline

AFRICANGLOBE - Angola’s richest woman and serial entrepreneur, Isabel dos Santos is set to acquire a stake in private airline Halcyonair Cabo Verde Airways, nine...

Chevron to Invest $33 Billion In Nigeria, Angola and Congo

AFRICANGLOBE - Leading energy multinational, Chevron Corporation, has disclosed plans of a $33 billion investment in exploration and production activities, including major natural gas-related...

Angola Launches $5 bln Sovereign Wealth Fund

Angola on Wednesday launched a $5 billion sovereign wealth fund to invest in domestic and overseas assets by funnelling its vast oil wealth into...

Angola Has Huge Amounts of Mineral Wealth – Official

Angola's subsoil offers a wide variety of minerals, such as precious metals (gold and platinoid), basic (iron, copper, chromium, nickel), industrial (phosphates, limestone and...