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Ani DiFranco: Are White Women Natural Allies Of Black Women In...

AFRICANGLOBE - White women are assumed to be the "natural" "allies" of Black people in the latter's struggle against White supremacy. Of course, this is an ahistorical conclusion. White women were members of the KKK. White women owned Black people as slaves. White women raped, tortured, and abused their Black-American human property. White American women struggling for the right to vote in the early 20th century leveraged their status as "White" citizens, and the "offense" to the White racial order that was (ostensible) Black male voting-citizenship, in order to win the franchise.

Ani DiFranco Enrages Black Feminists After Announcing Retreat At Slave Plantation

AFRICANGLOBE - "This is insulting to Black feminists and Black queer individuals and is a very blatant display of racism on her part,” wrote Sara Starr in a Change.org petition asking DiFranco to cancel the event in Louisiana.