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Zuma Government Behind Anti-African Protests In South Africa?

AFRICANGLOBE - "Let the world know by the South African government refusing to let these peaceful foreigners and loving South Africans who are in solidarity saying no to xenophobia...The message is clear, the person who is shooting is the person behind the trigger. "It's clear South African government is behind this xenophobia." Mpinda said it was confusing why the Presidency would not allow protesters to hand over their memorandum, but had allowed a march against foreigners to continue on February 24.

South Africa Is Finally Deploying Its Army To End Anti-African Violence

AFRICANGLOBE - After a recent wave of anti-African attacks that left at least seven dead, South Africa’s defense minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula announced in a live broadcast on Tuesday that the country would be deploying troops to Alexandra, a Johannesburg township and to some areas of the coastal city of Durban.

Anti-African Violence Spreads In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - Arrests have been made in South Africa as anti-African violence spreads to parts of Johannesburg's commercial heart. Police fired more rubber-coated steel bullets at a crowd of anti-immigrant protesters in downtown Johannesburg on Friday afternoon, as they tried to separate the protesters from a group of immigrants.

South Africa: Anti-African Violence Spreads To Major City Center

AFRICANGLOBE - "We want this message to go for the entire human race. To know that the Black people from foreign Africa are being burned alive," Abdurahman Hakizimana, a Burundian living in Durban, said as heavily armed police in riot gear stood nearby.

Medical Racism: Israel Hospital Director Complains Too Many African Babies Being...

AFRICANGLOBE - It’s a “problem” that too many babies are being born to parents from Africa, a leading Israeli medical official has told lawmakers at the Israeli parliament. In Tel Aviv, today, there live approximately 80 thousand infiltrators from Africa, who constitute about 15 percent of the city’s population. The problem is that they closed down the fence, but they did not close down the natural growth, and the number of Eritreans born here rises from year to year,” said Gaby Barabash an Israeli medical official.