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‘White Privilege’ Tweet Sparks Debate In South Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - South African TV host Janez Vermeiren says white people should stop using the phrase "back in the good old days" saying it insults those who suffered under apartheid. "It's pretty simple. No matter how bad things are in the country at the moment, it's better than Apartheid. Clearly a lot of white people don't understand this. Probably the same ones that don't understand privilege," he tweeted.

Race In South Africa And The Woman In The Cage

AFRICANGLOBE - For those Blacks who believe that the Constitution of South Africa is not anti-Black and are kept busy by individual acts of racism, I do think Toni Morrison offers an antidote provided that they are ready to receive the message.

Commemorating Steve Biko And His Fight Against Apartheid

AFRICANGLOBE - Many would regard Steve Biko as a martyr in the anti-apartheid cause. But the pathway of the martyr after death tends to be the work of others, they who serve a posthumous name or worship at the altar of a legacy. Biko’s contribution was primarily the notion of Black Consciousness, which he considered “an attitude of the mind and a way of life, the most positive call to emanate from the Black world for a long time.”

Declassified Documents Reveal Israel And Apartheid South Africa Conducted Nuclear Test...

AFRICANGLOBE - At the break of dawn on September 22, 1979, an American VELA spy satellite detected a double flash of light over the South Atlantic Ocean. The mysterious flash caused panic in the White House and President Jimmy Carter was immediately briefed on it. The American administration was concerned that this flash could be a secret nuclear test that someone was trying to hide. The three immediate suspects were: the Soviet Union, South Africa and Israel.

White Settlers Who Forced African Man Into Coffin Charged

AFRICANGLOBE - Two white South African men appeared in court on Wednesday on charges of assault and kidnapping after a video showed them forcing a wailing Black man into a coffin. The 20-second video, which was widely circulated on social media, shows Victor Rethabile cowering inside a coffin as one man pushes a lid on his head and the other threatens to put petrol and a snake inside the casket.

DISTURBING: Video Surfaces Showing White Settlers Forcing African Boy Into Coffin

AFRICANGLOBE - A disturbing video shows the moment a white South African man forcefully puts a Black man in the coffin. In the footage, which has gone viral online, the unidentified man is seen putting the lid on the coffin after squeezing the victim inside.

White Supremacy In South Africa, And The African Girls Who Are...

AFRICANGLOBE - There’s been an outpouring of support for the Black girls at Pretoria Girls High School, but there’s also been bafflement and more discrimination. It’s just a school policy to straighten their hair, some have argued, but it’s more than that: it is the protection of white standards at the expense of Black identity. Enter Pretoria Girls High School, where many South Africans have directed their outrage. Teachers at the school have insisted Black girls straighten their hair, and they have humiliated and shamed students who have had the audacity to attend classes with afros, dreadlocks, or any other form of their natural hair.

Brazil’s Soft Genocide Against Blacks, One Killed Every 23 Minutes

AFRICANGLOBE - The shocking amount of killings of young Black people in Brazil revealed in a new report shows that Black lives don't matter in the South American country. The crisis of fatal violence against Afro-descendents in Brazil that sees one Black youth killed every 23 minutes in what some have called an “undeclared civil war,” according to a new Senate committee report announced on Monday, is leading experts to raise alarm over a “genocide” suffered by young Black people in the South American country.

Brazil’s New Black Power Movement

AFRICANGLOBE - The new Black power movement in Brazil is big. Despite their contributions to the growth and development of their nation, Black Brazilians fall behind all others in what’s been described as a “racial paradise.” They are the country’s poorest, most disenfranchised, and victims of overwhelming levels of systemic discrimination. Now many Blacks there are saying that enough is enough.

South African Journalist Nontobeko Sibisi Pulled Off Air For Dressing “Too...

AFRICANGLOBE - There has been an outcry on social media after a broadcast journalist alleged that a story was canned because she was filmed wearing a headscarf. Nontobeko Sibisi, who is an arts and entertainment reporter for eNCA, directed damning accusations towards its management after she wore a headscarf, or doek, in the video on Africa Day.

South Africa: A Letter To White People

AFRICANGLOBE - White people! YOU are the problem. YOU stand in the way of progress, of ending racism. Nothing in white people's experience comes close to the suffering of Black people. Nothing. And you inflicted this suffering upon us. You white people owe us Black people a tremendous debt - still unpaid. How terrified you must be. This fear is further evidence that you know you owe us a debt.

Inquiry Blames South African Police In Massacre Of Miners At Marikana

AFRICANGLOBE - The massacre of the workers at a platinum mine in the Marikana area was the worst case of police violence since the end of apartheid in 1994. A pivotal moment, it cemented public frustration with the government and the problem of income inequality in South Africa.

No Future For White South Africans?

AFRICANGLOBE - Apartheid South Africa looked after White people and nobody else. Now some of its White communities face a level of deprivation, or of violence, which threatens their future in the country

Nelson Mandela Is Dead: Why Hide The Truth About Apartheid?

AFRICANGLOBE - In 1961, a US B-52 bomber carrying two atomic bombs with a destructive capacity 260 times that of the bomb dropped in Hiroshima, had an accident and the aircraft crashed. The first bomb landed without risks. In the case of the second, three of the four mechanisms failed, and the fourth, in very critical conditions could barely function. The bomb did not explode by mere chance.

South Africa Debates Racial Makeup of Court Judges

AFRICANGLOBE - Since the advent of democracy in South Africa, the ANC has enjoyed consistent electoral success and has come to dominate most aspects of national politics and the instruments of government. As a result, the courts and judiciary have been left as the only branch still controlled by the remnants of apartheid.

South Africa Charge Striking Miners With Murder Committed by Police

South Africa's justice minister on Friday rebuked prosecutors for charging 270 striking miners with the murder of 34 of their colleagues who were shot...