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Desire for Social Networking Spurs Mobile Growth in Africa

Africa's thirst for social networking seems insatiable and homegrown products to meet this thirst, like MXit and 2go, have really gotten traction. It's a mixture...

KKK Wants to Adopt Georgia Highway

A North Georgia chapter of the Ku Klux Klan has applied to "adopt" a stretch of highway in Union County, Georgia. The application, which would...

Software APPs for Farmers Win Prizes

The increasing use of software applications (widely known as apps) in solving Africans' problems has been highlighted by the three winning entries of the...

East African Community Rejects Sudan’s Application for Membership

The 13th East Africa Heads of States Summit meeting yesterday rejected Sudan's application to join the EAC, while opening the door to South Sudan to join the regional bloc. Uganda and Tanzania had earlier objected to Sudan's application over its practise of Sharia law, mistreatment of women and questionable democratic credentials but it was a clause in the EAC Treaty that requires geographical proximity that was used to keep the applicant out.

Mobile Technology Unlocks Dairy Farming Potential in Kenya

The iCow is a voice-based WAP enabled application that keeps farmers abreast of essential animal breeding and feeding methods through technology. A farmer can register his cows free of charge through the iCow portal and gets regular SMSs about the breeding and production patterns of the livestock.