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Judge Denies Gag Order for George Zimmerman’s Attorney Mark O’Mara

The judge in the George Zimmerman case has denied the state's request to issue a gag order for Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara. Zimmerman is charged...

Prosecutors May Use George Zimmerman’s TV Interview as Evidence

George Zimmerman's TV interview in which he said he had no regrets about killing Trayvon Martin has been entered as possible evidence in his upcoming...

Fox News Host Sean Hannity Offered To Pay George Zimmerman’s Legal...

Yesterday, the Special Prosecutor in the George Zimmerman case released 149 jail house phone calls that Zimmerman made while being held on bail in...

Black Unemployment Rate Surges Yet Again

America's Black unemployment gap continued to widen to almost a full percent in one month to 14.4 percent, according to a recent report by...

More Evidence Rwanda Backing Congo Rebels

What began in April as a localised mutiny by soldiers in the eastern Kivu provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has...

Judge to Rule Next Week on Second Bail for George Zimmerman

A month after he ordered George Zimmerman back to jail for misleading the court about his finances, a Florida judge heard arguments on Friday...

Why Accused Killer And Admitted Liar George Zimmerman Should Be Denied...

On Sunday, with a 48-hour deadline approaching, George Zimmerman, killer of Trayvon Martin, surrendered to police and returned to jail after having his bail...

’s Military Mosaic and Political Perdition

Soldiers dominate Bamako's political scene but they are no match for the few hundred Arab secessionist rebels in the north. Negotiations seem to be the...

Sudan-South Sudan: 
The Threat of War Looms Larger

South Sudan has withdrawn from the oil centre of Heglig, but while the April stand-off allowed Juba to flex its muscles the diplomatic dismay...

China Playing Both Sides in Sudan Conflict

Pressure is mounting on President Hu Jintao's government to use its commercial ties with Juba and Khartoum for constructive diplomacy. South Sudan's government and ruling...

South Sudan’s Show of Strength

When President Omer Hassan Ahmed el Beshir told the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), 'Either we end up in Juba and take everything or...

Are The Two Sudans Heading for War?

South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayadrit brushed aside calls to withdraw his army from the oil-rich region of Heglig after being asked to do...

President Kirr Lays Down Conditions for Withdrawal From Captured Oilfield

On April 10, 2012, the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) launched another attack against the Republic of South Sudan from Heglig. In early April, SPLA-forces...

Major Airlines Join the Caribbean Fight Against Britain’s APD Tax

The fight against Britain's unfair Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax continues with Caribbean countries now getting support from international carriers and the World Travel...

Britain’s Secret Muti-Million Fund Aimed at Influencing Elections in Zimbabwe

In its June 19-25 edition, The Sunday Mail newspaper disclosed that the British government had launched a £3 million campaign fund for the so-called independent media and NGOs to influence the outcome of Zimbabwe's forthcoming elections.In light of the denials by the British Embassy in Harare and in the public interest, the The Sunday Mail newspaper reproduced one of the several documents in its possession detailing the scope of the funding.

Despite Western Sanctions: Zimbabwe's Inflation Drops Amid Economic Growth

Inflation is focused to remain steady as micro-economic fundamentals have recovered showing a positive trajectory. Zimbabwe's Gross Domestic Product is expected to by 9.3 percent in 2011, one of the highest in the world.