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Egypt Wont Apologize, Instead Wants Kenyan Diplomat Fired For Revealing “Dogs...

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt on Friday demanded the dismissal of a Kenyan diplomat over her allegedly "fabricated" charge that an Egyptian official had referred to Africans as "dogs and slaves" during a conference in Nairobi.

The Great Taboo: Arab Racism And Muslim Hate

AFRICANGLOBE - Arab racism toward Africans is commonplace, even if it remains a taboo subject. For the Nobel Prize winning novelist Wole Soyinka, the unwillingness to confront Arab racism is rooted in the role of Arabs in the slave trade. “Arabs and Islam are guilty of the cultural and spiritual savaging of the Continent,”

Egypt Launches Inquiry After Its Diplomat Called Africans “Slaves And Dogs”

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt's foreign ministry has said it will launch an investigation into claims that one of its diplomats publicly referred to Africans as "slaves and dogs" during a United Nations meeting held last week in Nairobi, Kenya. The controversy comes as a setback for Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi at a time when his administration is courting closer political and business ties with the African continent.

Egyptian Diplomat Says Africans Are “Dogs And Slaves”

AFRICANGLOBE - African leaders are playing a dangerous game with these foulmouth barbarians, who are squatting on our land, but despises us. Here is a a situation where this frothy-mouth Arab who is sitting in an African Capital has the nerve to call Africans "dogs and slaves" and is allowed to leave with his tongue still in his mouth.