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Anti-Slavery Activists Tortured In Mauritania

AFRICANGLOBE - A court in the capital Nouakchott found the 13 -- members of a group fighting hereditary slavery in the west African country -- guilty of "use of violence", but Amnesty International has said they were falsely accused because of their advocacy work. The thirteen all claim they were tortured in prison in the run-up to the court case and lawyers for the group denounced Thursday's verdict as "a travesty of justice".

Slave Trading Mauritania Jails 13 Anti-Slavery Activists

AFRICANGLOBE - Thirteen anti-slavery activists in Mauritania have been sentenced to up to 15 years in prison for their alleged role in a riot in June. A tribunal found the members of the Resurgence of the Abolitionist Movement (IRA) guilty on Thursday of counts including attacks against the government, armed assembly and membership of an unrecognised organisation.

No True African Is A Christian Or Muslim

AFRICANGLOBE - Of course, many would argue that there are some genuine Africans who are Christians or Muslims. Such arguments are usually based on the empty surface value of skin colour. The truth is that not every one that is Black or African on the outside is African inside. That is why after fifty years of flag independence, they are still hanging on to some mundane, outmoded, barbaric, narrow-minded, false, senseless, racist, alien spiritual pre-occupations, imposed by our selfish, de-humanizing slave masters.