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Tunisia Presidential Race Hots Up

AFRICANGLOBE - As Tunisia's Sunday (December 21st) presidential runoff approaches, the campaigns of President Moncef Marzouki and Nidaa Tounes leader Béji Caid Essebsi are hotting up. Campaigning is set to continue until December 19th in Tunisia, and December 17th outside the country.

How North Africa’s Geopolitics Have Changed Since The Arab Spring

AFRICANGLOBE - Three years have elapsed since a Tunisian fruit vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, triggered the biggest social and political upheaval of modern times in the Arab world by setting himself on fire. This turmoil, which would afterwards be called the “Arab Spring,” brought many promises to the people of the region. However, if it did help score some progress with regard to freedom of speech, it failed to deliver on peace, stability, and most of all on democracy.

The ANC Survives South Africa’s ‘Arab Spring’

AFRICANGLOBE - Anglo American CEO, Mark Cutifani announced in a recent interview on April 11, 2014, in Johannesburg that they would “seek a buyer for our platinum operations in the North West Province and will move on to the opencast platinum mine, Mogalakwena in the Limpopo Province.”This also made front-page news of the daily business newspaper, Business Day, on April 14, 2014.

Political Islam And The Arab Spring

AFRICANGLOBE - The Arab Spring in 2011 ended with once-marginalised Islamist parties in governments in Egypt and Tunisia. It was not long before they stumbled. In one fell swoop on 3 July, the venerable Islamist movement the Muslim Brotherhood lost 85 years of patient labour and squandered the chance – at least in the foreseeable future – for political Islam in Egypt.

Why Sudan’s Arab Spring is a Fantasy

Why has Sudan not yet witnessed a massive protest similar to those that toppled the dictatorial governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. What...

Will Political Instability in Sudan Lead to Military Adventurism?

It appears that the Arab Spring is finally reaching Sudan as the NCP regime grapples with economic and political turmoil being manifested by student-led...

Mubarak Sentenced to Life in Prison

An Egyptian court has sentenced ex-President Hosni Mubarak to life in prison for complicity in the killing of protesters during last year's uprising. The 84-year-old...