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Wikileaks – Egypt Thwarted Pease in Darfur

The Egyptian government under the deposed president Hosni Mubarak were determined to thwart all political initiatives made by the Arab Gulf state of Qatar including peace talks aimed at resolving the conflict in Sudan's western region of Darfur, according to U.S. diplomatic cables

Arab Militiamen Kill 16 Zaghawa in North Darfur After They Attempted...

Arab Militiamen loyal to the Sudanese government in Darfur last week executed 16 people belonging to the Zaghawa ethnic group when they attempted to recover their stolen livestock, a rights group said.

Africans Tortured And Killed by Arab Bedouins in Sinai

The smugglers normally ask for $2,500-$3,000 for the trip to Israel border. But upon arrival in Sinai, the migrants often find themselves in the hands of traffickers who demand additional money - ranging from $500-$10,000. The traffickers kill or otherwise harm the migrants - in several cases, to remove and sell their kidneys for a large illegal market in Egypt - if they do not pay.

G8 Disappoints Sub-Saharan Africa

  This year's G8 summit in Deauville wasn't just about the eight most industrialised countries which make up the group. For the first time, the...