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Rebel Faction in Ethiopia’s Ogaden Wants Peace Talks

AFRICANGLOBE - A faction of a separatist rebel group said on Sunday it was seeking peace talks with the Ethiopian government, a development that could help stabilize a region with potential reserves of oil and gas. The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has fought since the mid-1980s for independence for the mainly ethnic Somali province of Ogaden in southeast Ethiopia, bordering lawless Somalia.

900 Displaced By Sudan Air Attacks

AFRICANGLOBE - Bombing of South Sudan's Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, allegedly carried out by Sudanese warplanes over three days last week, has displaced...

South Sudan Formally Accepts Abyei Administration

South Sudan said on Sunday it has sent official notification to the African Union High Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) declaring its acceptance of the...

10 Killed as Arab Militia and Govt Soldiers Attack North Darfur

Ten people were killed on Friday during an attack by Arab militiamen in Sigili village located 40 kilometers southeast of the capital of North...

Sudan Accuses Israel of Carrying Out Airstrike on Arms Factory

Sudan on Wednesday accused Israel of launching an airstrike that caused a large explosion at a munitions factory, killing two people, in a residential...

Sudan Ready to Accept Abyei’s Partition Says Russian Envoy

Sudan is ready to accept Abyei's partition, to end the dispute over this region with South Sudan, said Mikhail Margelov, Russian President Vladimir Putin's...

Government Militia Commits Massacre in North Darfur

A heavily-armed militia group linked to the Sudanese government has attacked and killed 87 people, including children and women, over the last three days...

South Sudan and Sudan Presidents Continue Talks in Ethiopia

South Sudan and Sudan's presidents ended Sunday evening a first round of talks without announcing a deal as they are expected to meet again...

Mapungubwe – South Africa’s Lost City of Gold

One thousand years ago, Mapungubwe in South Africa's Limpopo province was the centre of the largest kingdom in the subcontinent, where a highly sophisticated...

The Never-Ending Tragedy of Sudanese Refugees

The perennial political wrangling in the Sudans is forcing tens of thousands of people from Sudan into South Sudan, fleeing from a nasty bombing...

Private Sector Key to Africa’s Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure investment is costly, long-term and characterised by internal and cross-border market regulations. Whilst governments are the leading financiers of infrastructure projects, there exists...

Kinigi and Its Unique Attractions

Renowned for being the route to the home of approximately half of the worlds remaining mountain gorillas, Kinigi town, located right at the foot...

Nelson Mandela Legacy Bridge to Boost Cape Tourism

The Nelson Mandela Legacy Bridge currently under construction at Nelson Mandela's birthplace, Mvezo village in South Africa's Eastern Cape, is set to attract tourists...

Tanzania to Become World’s Eighth Largest Uranium Producer

The first part of the uranium production will start in the second quarter of 2014 as the producer said all production in the first...

Scores Killed in Church Attacks and Reprisals Across Nigeria

For the second Sunday running, blood flowed again yesterday as 48 persons were killed in three separate coordinated bomb attacks on churches in Kaduna,...

Israeli Protesters Attack African Migrants in South Tel Aviv

Hundreds of Israelis protesters on Wednesday lead an anti-African march in the predominant African area of south Tel Aviv demanded that the Israeli government immediately deport all Africans.