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British Airways, Virgin, Others in Fresh Trouble With Nigerian Government

Nigeria's Federal Government yesterday gave all foreign airlines operating in the country a 30-day ultimatum within which to dismantle the fare regime that sees...

Arik Air Strengthens London Flights

Arik Air has said that it is putting measure in place to ensure that its Abuja to London passengers do not suffer as it...

Face-Off Between Nigerian Govt and British Airways Heats Up

As the deadline by the Federal Government to the United Kingdom's mega carrier, British Airways (BA) to reduce its flight frequencies from seven to three times a week expires tomorrow, Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Oduah yesterday insisted that the British Government was wrong in disrespecting the Bilateral Air Service Agreement signed by both countries.

Nigerian Govt vs British Airways – PM Cameron Writes President Jonathan

British Airways lobbyists have pressured the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to intercede on behalf of the airline to save it from losing more than 50 per cent of its flight frequency to Nigeria following the anti-competitive treatment meted out to Nigeria airline, Arik Air, at Heathrow Airport.