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Armed Clashes Erupt After Federalist Rally in Libya

Backers and opponents of federalism clashed in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Friday with guns, rocks and knives, amid conflicting reports on...

Genocidal Actions by Government of North Sudan Must be Stopped

The government of Sudan is reported to have been carrying out activities of torture and mayhem in the South Kordofan, which could best be described as ethnic cleansing. Many a time when the government of Sudan is exposed on human rights abuses, it employs the fact that there is a picture that it is not in the good books of the west, and therefore writes it off as western propaganda.

Arab North Continues its Bombardment of Civilians: UN Forces Hit

Fighting has also erupted in South Kordofan between SAF and SPLA where the Northern army used warplanes to bomb civilians in what it described as rebellion.

South Sudan Calls for Foreign Military Intervention to Stop the North...

South Sudan on Thursday called for foreign military intervention over armed confrontation involving forces loyal to its military wing, the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and the northern Sudan Armed Forces in border state of South Kordofan.

Sudan Armed Forces Mass Additional Troops, Tanks, Artillery Within Striking Range...

AFRICANGLOBE - The force includes troop units of at least company size, towable artillery pieces, main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and Heavy Equipment Transports capable of reaching Sudan's North-South border or Abyei town in less than a day.

Abyei Looted, Set Ablaze After Capture by Arab Sudanese Troops

UNMIS calls upon the government of Sudan to urgently ensure that the Sudan Armed Forces fulfil their responsibility and intervene to stop these criminal acts."

Arab Expansionism in Africa, North Sudan Army Marches Into Abyei

"There are reports from Abyei that the Sudan Armed Forces have once again bombed the area today. They have bombed five other different villages today.