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Russia Wants To Continue Exporting Military Helicopters To African Countries

AFRICANGLOBE - Russia had said it would export Mi-8/17 and Mi-24/35 helicopters to Nigeria, Angola, Mali and Sudan between this year and 2017. The head of the delegation for Russia’s arms exporter, Rosoboronexport, Mr. Yury Demchenko yesterday, said that Russia wished to maintain exporting to the four countries.

Barack Obama: From Peace Prize Recipient To World’s Biggest Arms Dealer

AFRICANGLOBE - During his first six years in office, the Obama administration entered into agreements to sell more than $190 billion USD in weaponry worldwide. The State Department’s 2017 budget request is likely to include more funding for African armies in places like Mali, Somalia, and Nigeria. The U.S. already has a long history of meddling in these nations — and actually helped create the very terror threat they supposedly want to fight there.

South Africa’s Arms Deal Probe – Is Thabo Mbeki the Target?

President Jacob Zuma's surprise announcement of a probe into an arms deal that took place during the Presidency of Thabo Mbeki could provide proof that Mbeki is indeed on the political comeback trail - and presents a real and present danger to Zuma's fate post-2012.