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There Are 26 Open Warrants Per Citizen In This Tiny Missouri...

AFRICANGLOBE - If you want to know what a corrupt police state of revenue collecting, citation addicted bureaucrats look like, look in Missouri.A recent report showed that there were 23,457 arrest warrants pending in Pine Lawn Municipal Court in St. Louis County. That’s about 7.3 per resident. However, Pine Lawn is far from the worst. The town of Country Club Hills has over 35,000 outstanding arrest warrants, or a mind blowing 26.9 per resident.

30 Years Ago, Philadelphia Police Dropped A Bomb On A Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - The bomb set off a fire that quickly spread, eventually burning down 61 homes and leaving 250 people homeless. 11 people in the MOVE rowhouse died, including five children. In the aftermath of the bombing, Mayor Wilson Goode tasked a commission with investigating the actions of the police; they produced a report condemning the bombing, although no one was ever charged for their actions.