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White Supremacist Charged With Burning Down Three Churches

AFRICANGLOBE - White, who lives in Ingleburn, was arrested by police on Sunday afternoon on two outstanding warrants and then also charged over the church fire. The 25-year-old is a self-described skinhead and has an "88" tattoo on one of his hands – the abbreviation used by Neo-Nazis for the salute Heil Hitler.

Black Firefighter Loses Home To Fire Days After Receiving Racist Threat

AFRICANGLOBE - Volunteer firefighter Kenneth Walker received a threatening, racist letter telling him to resign from a fire company in the New York city of North Tonawanda on Monday night. Two days later, his home caught on fire. “We believe it was retaliation,” his wife, Amanda Walker, told Buffalo News. “The letter said if he didn’t resign from the fire company, he’d regret it.”