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Bill Cosby Just Sold A Valuable Painting And Took Out A...

AFRICANGLOBE - You probably weren't in need of additional evidence that things aren't exactly going great for Bill Cosby. He's currently in prison, serving a 3-10 year sentence on charges of sexual assault, and now he and his wife Camille Cosby are looking to shore up their capital reserves. The first step? They've sold a valuable piece of their extensive art collection. Step two? They've taken out a loan against their vast art collection which has been described as one of the best in America.

Black People Lets Stand For Something

AFRICANGLOBE - Although he has been blind for most of his life, Stevie Wonder has always seen this clearly. Let it inspire us to use our gifts to stand for something and, in doing so, make this world a more humane and Godly place for our children.