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Hundreds Of Ancient Egyptian Coffins To Be “Restored”

AFRICANGLOBE - Egypt will "restore" hundreds of coffins dating back thousands of years to the time of the pharaohs as part of an American-Egyptian project to preserve and document one of the world’s oldest civilisations, a director of the project said. The conservation effort, funded by a US grant, will restore more than 600 wooden coffins that date to various eras of ancient Egypt and which are currently stored at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Europe’s Forgotten History: From “Human Zoos” To “Human Trophies” Displayed In...

AFRICANGLOBE - One example of the rather grim history of colonial racial terrorism is the long European history of human zoos, which featured Africans and conquered indigenous peoples, displayed in the same way as animals. Men, women and children would be kidnapped, locked up in cages and exhibited in front of European large audiences. Many people died after short stints in captivity and they lived in tortuous conditions. Visitors to the human zoos would often poke the African children with sticks, throw food at them and audiences were permitted to subject the captives to various degrading acts for a fee.

Return Nigeria’s Stolen Artefacts You British Thieves

AFRICANGLOBE - Nigeria's House of Representatives Thursday called on the British Parliament to intervene in Nigeria's efforts to get stolen Nigerian artefacts in various museums in the United Kingdom repatriated.

Nigeria Must Demand the Return of the Country’s Looted Antiques

Nigeria's perplexing 'quiet diplomacy' in the pursuit of precious pieces of art looted by the colonialists over a century ago has not resulted in...