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How Arthur Zang Created Africa’s First Medical Tablet

AFRICANGLOBE - “In my country we do not have a lot of engineering schools where you can learn medical electronics or bio-medical engineering. So when I wanted to design the Cardio Pad, I decided to teach myself medical electronics online. This is how I learnt electronics, learning for six months… After this I was able to design an electronic device. It was a very big challenge to learn the technology, and the internet is a very good tool to learn.”

Africa’s First Medical Tablet Wins Award

AFRICANGLOBE - Arthur Zang from Cameroon, has invented what is believed to be Africa’s first medical tablet, which will allow health-care workers in rural areas to send the results of cardiac tests to heart specialists via a mobile-phone connection. This type of technology will not only speed up the process of sending results, but may also save the lives of many people across the continent.

7 Innovative Products From Africa You Should Know

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa is brimming with a rising new generation of bold, creative-thinking innovators and entrepreneurs who are constantly inventing and developing new technologies that will simplify our daily lives and transform societies- technologies with global appeal and commercial viability in any part of the world. They deserve a closer look, and it’s time you took notice.

The Cardiopad – an African Invention to Save Lives

A young Cameroonian engineer has built the first fully touch screen medical tablet that could soon save many African lives. He first has to...