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A Quarter Of The World’s Population Will Live In Africa By...

AFRICANGLOBE - As of mid-2015, the world’s population stands at 7.3 billion, according to a new estimate by the United Nations. Over half of the world lives in Asia and a little under a fifth live in Africa. But in 35 years, that picture will look radically different.

Africa’s Richest Man, Dangote, Takes Cement Empire To Asia

AFRICANGLOBE - Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, says he’s expanding his cement empire to Asia and it will be operational in 30 months. The 58-year-old Nigerian billionaire said Dangote Cement Plc should complete a factory in Nepal by the end of 2017. It has received 90 percent of the regulatory approvals needed to start construction in the south Asian nation hit by two earthquakes this year, he said.

What Can Africa Learn From East Asia’s Boom?

AFRICANGLOBE - In East Asia, harnessing the demographic dividend propelled and transformed the economy in a historically short time and contributed to a 6% annual average growth in per-capita income between 1965 and 1995.

Oil Pricing-War Between Africa And The Gulf

AFRICANGLOBE - Asia has become a hotspot for a price war between African and Gulf oil producers who, hobbled by bulging global supplies and waning demand, are offering steep discounts to defend their market share in the world's top net crude buying region.

Out Of Africa: Modern Humans Left The Home Continent In At...

AFRICANGLOBE - It is well established that modern humans originated in Africa, before moving out to inhabit rest of the planet. They first spread into Asia and Europe via the Arabian Peninsula, and those in the Far East eventually reached America and the Pacific islands.

Africa a Beacon of Hope In a Darkened World

AFRICANGLOBE - If you are looking for some cheer in a pretty gloomy world, consider the growing consensus among some of the world’s smartest money that the next big emerging market may be Africa.

Ethiopia Industrializing Bit-by-Bit

Ethiopia is taking advantage of rising wages in Asia, and its own natural advantages in agriculture and cattle-raising, to build a light-industry base that...