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China Steps Up The War On Blacks Banning Them From McDonald’s

AFRICANGLOBE - Footage posted on social media showed a man holding a sign which said Black people were barred from McDonald's in Guangzhou, and they should notify the police for medical isolation. The note said: "We've been informed that from now on Black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant.

Air China Warns Travelers To Watch Out For Neighborhoods Populated By...

AFRICANGLOBE - Air China execs must not have noticed the international uproar sparked by a Chinese detergent company‘s racist ad earlier this year. In the September issue of its inflight magazine, the Chinese airline wholeheartedly embraced racial stereotypes, warning travelers to avoid areas of London inhabited by “Black people.”

Racist Chinese Detergent Ad A Rip-Off Of European Commercial

AFRICANGLOBE - An ad for Chinese detergent brand Qiaobi raised eyebrows on social media, attracting over a million views on YouTube. In the ad, an Asian woman encounters a Black man whilst doing her laundry. After throwing him into her washing machine, he reemerges as a Chinese man.

Bradford Stabbing Prompts British Asians To Warn Of Racism Toward Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Elements of Asian communities in Britain are racist towards Black people, prominent Asians have warned, after a 14-year-old boy of Pakistani origin from Bradford was convicted of stabbing his Black teacher in a racist attack.