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West Papua: The Genocide That The World Is Ignoring

AFRICANGLOBE - If you need evidence that politicians and the mainstream media pick and choose which oppressive conflicts to cover in order to further geopolitical ambitions, you need only Google “West Papua.” Ever heard of it? Have you ever been sitting at home watching CNN, BBC, or Fox News and heard the news anchor mention West Papua?

Asians In Kenya Want Recognition As The Country’s 44th Tribe

AFRICANGLOBE - Asians in Kenya have asked the government to recognize them as the country’s 44th ethnic community. The group said President Uhuru Kenyatta should do what he did to the Makonde in Kwale after they were recognized as the country’s 43rd community when they complained of decades of marginalization.

Uganda Worried About The Number Of Chinese Men Marrying Ugandan Women

AFRICANGLOBE - Chinese nationals have been pouring into Uganda in the past decade. China is a top investor in the east African country. But according to Ugandan immigration officials, there’s one major downside: an increasing number of Chinese men are marrying Ugandan women to gain residency and continue their business interests in the country.

Asian Church Vandalized With Swastikas In California

AFRICANGLOBE - A Korean Presbyterian church in the city of Buena Park, California has been vandalized with swastikas and German phrases in an apparent hate crime. On Saturday morning members of the True Light Christian Church arrived at their place of worship to find that vandals had tagged the building with nazi symbols and other messages such as “toxic love” and “my honor” written in German.

Being Black In India: ‘We Are Seen As Demons’

AFRICANGLOBE - After a year in India, Zaharaddeen Muhammed, 27, knows enough Hindi to understand what bander means. Monkey. But it isn't even the daily derogatory comments that make him doubt his decision to swap his university in Nigeria for a two-year master's degree in India. Nor is it the questions about personal hygiene, the unsolicited touching of his hair or the endless staring. It is his failure to interact with Indian people on a deeper level.

Bradford Stabbing Prompts British Asians To Warn Of Racism Toward Black...

AFRICANGLOBE - Elements of Asian communities in Britain are racist towards Black people, prominent Asians have warned, after a 14-year-old boy of Pakistani origin from Bradford was convicted of stabbing his Black teacher in a racist attack.