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Military Hardware Still Flowing To American Police After Ferguson

AFRICANGLOBE - The federal government shipped nearly 4,000 more assault rifles to local law enforcement agencies in the three months following the Ferguson protests, marking a huge surge in the amount of lethal firearms being doled out to police and sheriff’s offices.

Sales of Assault Rifles, Ammo Skyrocket Across the U.S.

AFRICANGLOBE - Though it’s been 147 years since the Civil War cleaved this country in two, at times it feels like the United States is still a country at war with itself. Gun stores and gun manufacturers are selling so many assault rifles and high-capacity magazines that suppliers have run out of stock.

The NRA and the Gun Connection in Jamaica

AFRICANGLOBE - Following on the recent brutal slaying of 20 first-graders with an assault rifle in Newtown, Connecticut, President Obama has called for 'action' on some level of gun control while those in the National Rifle Association (NRA) have increased their proactivity in defence of 'Second Amendment rights.'