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Sudan’s Continuing Campaign of African Extermination

There is hardly any meaningful international response to the horrible suffering of up to a million Sudanese now targeted in a military campaign by...

Nearly 50 Million Americans Living In Poverty – Census Data

There were nearly 50 million Americans living in poverty in 2011, under an alternative measure released by the Census Bureau Wednesday. That’s 16.1 percent of...

Tokyo Pushes Africa’s Private Sector

Driven by demand from its African trading partners, the Japanese government is looking for new ways to get the private sector involved in its...

The Soft Power Role of Turkey in Somalia and Africa

Turkey has suddenly and vigorously undertaken a series of initiatives to help Somalia out of its dire political and economic crisis. Turkey's first visible initiative...

Worries of Oil Related Violence In Somalia With British Assistance

Somalia is on the cusp of becoming an oil producing state as more reports of oil discovery are announced by Horn Petroleum and Africa...

In Somaliland, Less Money Has Brought More Democracy

As the humanitarian crisis in southern Somalia threatens millions of lives, Somalia's little-known northern neighbour, Somaliland, is doing so well that its government recently offered to send aid across the border.

Stranded Africans Airlifted From Libya

Hundreds of stranded African migrants have been airlifted from southern Libya, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said in Geneva on 2 August.

Islamic Terrorists Preventing Assistance to Somalia's Famine Victims

While an estimated 12.4 million people linger on the brink of starvation in the Great Horn of Africa, U.S. officials and world relief agencies said Monday that even in a "best case scenario" the crisis will worsen as the areas in most desperate need remain cut off from access to relief.

UN Official Urges Massive Response to World's "Worst Humanitarian Disaster"

Having witnessed the dire humanitarian situation in Somalia first-hand, the head of the United Nations refugee agency has appealed for greater resources to provide assistance to people in the drought-stricken Horn of Africa country.

Rains Aggravate The Plight of The Displaced in Abyei

We have seen thousands of people - mainly women and children - carrying bags on their heads, or sitting on mats on the side of the road, exhausted by hours of walking