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Nubians Want To Recover Their Homeland

AFRICANGLOBE - Last weekend in Egypt’s south, Nubians launched an unprecedented challenge to President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s government by marching in protest to their historic homeland, more than 50 years after they were forcibly displaced by the state. The action was part of a new youth and activist-led movement that has been brewing since the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

Rethinking The Voices Of Aswan Dam And GERD

AFRICANGLOBE - The completion of the Aswan Dam on July 21, 1970 sent one critical message to Africa, and most importantly to Ethiopia. That is, the Aswan Dam was meant to divorce or delink Africa in general, and Ethiopia in particular, from the waters of the Nile.

Memories Of Utopia The Story Of The Arab Destruction Of Ancient...

AFRICANGLOBE - Memories of Utopia the story of the Arab destruction of ancient Nubia told through the experience of Fikri el-Keshem a Nubian who along with tens of thousands of Egyptian Nubians were forcibly removed from their ancient home on the banks of the Nile in order to make way for the construction of the Aswan Dam which covered their ancient temples and flooded parts of the world's oldest civilization.