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Black People Are Monkeys Says Israel’s Chief Rabbi

AFRICANGLOBE – The Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel called Black people “monkeys” during his weekly sermon on Saturday evening. Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, a notorious hate preacher was addressing Jewish legal aspects of the blessing on seeing fruit trees blossoming, during the current Hebrew month of Nissan, and, specifically, whether one should bless one tree or at least two.

Germany Wants Refugees Returned To Camps In Africa

AFRICANGLOBE - The German Interior Ministry wants to stop migrants ever reaching Europe's Mediterranean coast by picking them up at sea and returning them to Africa. In what would be a huge shift for a country with one of the most generous asylum policies, the ministry says the European Union should adopt an Australian-style system under which migrants intercepted at sea are sent for processing at camps in third countries.

African Asylum Seekers Murdered By ISIS Were Forced Out Of Israel...

AFRICANGLOBE - Three Eritrean asylum seekers who were pushed out of Israel by the government during the past year have been murdered by ISIS in Libya. The three African asylum seekers were likely kidnapped with a group of Christian Ethiopians who were then executed by ISIS, which reportedly released a gruesome video of the execution Sunday.

Israel Must Free The Holot Prisoners

AFRICANGLOBE - It would be difficult to imagine a greater blow to Judaism than the shameless remark by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the protection of the human rights of African asylum seekers is harmful to the rights of the Jewish people (Netanyahu used the made-up word le’om – “nation”).

Israel Takes Extremely Racist Measures To Keep Blacks Out

AFRICANGLOBE - If you’re Black, African and fleeing violence, terror, slavery and persecution, don’t expect to find shelter in Israel. Not only has Israel built a fence to keep out Africans fleeing extreme violence, slavery and persecution in their home countries, it has now built a virtual “fence” around Judaism.

Israel Secretly Shipping African Refugees To Uganda

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel has begun to send African asylum seekers to Uganda, according to a senior government official who said that over the past month, dozens of asylum seekers have allegedly agreed to leave Israel for Uganda, and some have already left. The Population and Immigration Authority declined several requests to respond on the matter and no other official confirmation was forthcoming.

Mass Protests By Africans In Israel Continues

AFRICANGLOBE - Tens of thousands of African asylum seekers marched to Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square Sunday to protest measures restricting their freedom of movement, ability to work and long delays in processing refugee applications. They are demanding official refugee status and an end to the government’s policy of holding them for long periods in the new detention centre at Holot in the Negev desert.

Israel’s Deplorable Record On African Refugees

AFRICANGLOBE - Israel is now reportedly refusing to renew tourist visas and temporary work visas for the minority of African asylum seekers who have them – almost all of whom are legal refugees under international law and under treaties Israel has signed but arguably is not keeping. Israel is planning a new wave of arrests as means of scaring African migrants into leaving Israel, to risk their lives and go back to civil war and brutal dictatorship rather than stay in safety in Israel.

30,000 Africans Protest Israel’s Policy Of “Jailing All Africans”

AFRICANGLOBE - Thousands of African migrants, many holding banners demanding freedom for compatriots jailed as "illegal infiltrators" by Israel, protested on Sunday in a main Tel Aviv square against a new open-ended detention law. Human rights groups say more than 300 people have been arrested since the law, which allows authorities to detain African migrants indefinitely, was passed by Israel's parliament three weeks ago.

Israel Imprisoning African Asylum Seekers In Defiance Of High Court Order

AFRICANGLOBE - Israeli authorities are effectively detaining hundreds of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers despite an Israeli High Court order for their release. More than 150 of the migrants ignored the rules restricting their mobility and walked out of what they called an "open prison" in the Negev desert to march toward Jerusalem in protest.

Israel Sends Eritrean Asylum Seekers Back to Egypt

The Israeli military has since June 2012 prevented dozens of asylum seekers, most of them Eritreans, from crossing Israel's newly constructed fence on its...

Israelis Attack Africans

It's Saturday night in south Tel Aviv. Amine Zegata, a 36-year-old refugee from Eritrea is reopening the small bar he owns in the HaTikva...