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Black Mecca Of Atlanta Being Gentrified At An Astonishing Rate

AFRICANGLOBE - Atlanta was the fourth fastest gentrifying city in the U.S. between 2000 and 2014, a just-released federal study says. The in-migration of people to the city has continued unabated since 2014, as is evident in neighborhoods from the Old Fourth Ward to northeast Atlanta and Vine City.

In Atlanta, 80% Of Black Children Live In High-Poverty Neighborhoods!

AFRICANGLOBE - For generations, Atlanta, Georgia has been considered the "Black Mecca" because so many local Black Americans are succeeding in politics and business. But that reputation has seemingly gone now that it is actually ranked by a recent analysis as the number one worst city with the greatest income disparity which greatly affects minorities.

Atlanta Facing Eviction Crisis With Black Neighborhoods As The Target

AFRICANGLOBE - Research released by the Atlanta Federal Reserve found that Fulton County is in the midst of an eviction crisis and its Black neighborhoods are bearing the brunt of it. Nearly half of the households in the East Point area’s 30344 zip code have had eviction notices filed against them, according to the recently released report.

Business Exchange: Are Blacks Losing Momentum?

AFRICANGLOBE - Blacks made significant strides in legislation and economics over the past 40 years. Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, Georgia are prime examples of Blacks’ successes circa 1970s, '80s and 90s. The cities were seats of power in government and politics. Black mayors and legislators in these cities spawn the nation’s two wealthiest majority-Black counties.

Unarmed Black Man Shot Dead By Police In Atlanta: Witnesses Question...

AFRICANGLOBE - A police officer who shot dead an unarmed Black veteran outside Atlanta might not have needed to use lethal force, multiple witnesses have told an investigator working for the victim’s family.

War On Black Men: Garbage Man Jailed For 30 Days For...

AFRICANGLOBE - A garbage collector outside Atlanta has been sentence to 30 days in prison for starting his work too early. Kevin McGill, 48, who works for Waste Management Inc, took a guilty plea deal after violating an ordinance in Sandy Springs, north of Atlanta.

The Largest Black-Owned Businesses In Atlanta

AFRICANGLOBE - The most recent Census “Survey of Business Owners” (SBO) found that the number of Black-owned businesses increased by triple the rate of the national average among all races. The survey ranked Georgia second only to New York among U.S. states with the most Black-owned businesses.

Atlanta Takes 15 Spots In List Of Largest Black Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - Fifteen metro Atlanta businesses are in the 2014 Black Enterprise 100s, the most recently available -- an annual compilation of the largest Black-owned or majority Black-owned companies by annual revenue or assets. That's one more local business than made the 2013 list.