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The Corrupt Prosecutors Defending The Devil – The Gantt Report

AFRICANGLOBE - In police misconduct cases, for instance, evil State Attorneys will use a grand jury to determine if a cop should be charged with misconduct or a criminal or murderous act. If they don’t want a bad cop to get indicted, all they have to do is compose a “jury” of people sympathetic to law enforcers, let cops say all of the nice things they desire to the grand jury, without cross examination or evidence to the contrary, and they can submit or withhold any evidence that they want.

Video: Thug Cop Engaging In Lewd Act In Patrol Car —...

AFRICANGLOBE - The in-car video of a Pasadena police officer was released publicly this week showing him ignoring calls and opting to have sex on duty instead. In spite of being grossly derelict in his duties, getting paid with taxpayer money to have sex, and refusing to do his job — officer Jeff Mubarak was never fired.