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Brazil’s Police War Against Its Black Population

AFRICANGLOBE - The Brazilian police force is one of the deadliest in the world. Brazil’s population is 50 percent smaller than that of the United States, but the Brazilian police has killed more people in a recent five-year span than U.S. police killed in the last 30 years. 80 percent of those killed are young, Black and poor. Salvador da Bahia, the state capitol of Bahia and the third-largest city in Brazil, has the largest concentration of Black Brazilians in the country. “The numbers are equivalent to a country at war,”

From The Haitian Revolution To Salvador, Bahia To Baltimore, The Issue...

AFRICANGLOBE - Whether it’s the 211 years since the Haitian Revolution to Haiti’s status as the poorest country in the West, to police brutality in Baltimore, Maryland or Salvador, Bahia, certain mouth pieces, intellectuals and journalists want to drown the flames of anger with ridiculous proclamations that “this has nothing to do with race”.

Afro-Brazilians Celebrate Day of Black Consciousness Even Without Official Recognition

AFRICANGLOBE - On Wednesday, 20, in the Bahian capital of Salvador, there were many celebratory events for National Black Consciousness Day events. Starting from Campo Grande, at 2pm, was held the oldest march held in Brazil to celebrate the day in memory of the Black hero Zumbi dos Palmares.