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Man Freed After 27 Years In Prison For A Murder He...

AFRICANGLOBE - 47-year-old Clarence Shipley Jr. was exonerated and released on Tuesday after spending nearly three decades in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. WBAL, reports, Shipley was wrongly sent to prison 27 years ago for the 1991 death of 29-year-old Kevin Smith based on false witness testimony.

Baltimore Tutor Charged After 7yo Is Hospitalized With Head Injuries

AFRICANGLOBE - A Baltimore city school tutor has been charged in relation to an alleged assault on a 7-year-old boy who was hospitalised for significant head and upper body injuries, including a fractured jaw. Baltimore City Police confirmed 25-year-old Timothy Randall Korr was arrested Wednesday on charges of child abuse and assault following an incident at City Springs Elementary Monday.

Baltimore Teacher Calls Students ‘Punk @ss N*ggers’ Who Are ‘Going To...

AFRICANGLOBE - A white Baltimore teacher was fired after crossing a line with an unruly class of 8th graders. A student filmed her losing her temper and calling her Black students “punk @ss n*ggers” who would be shot as a result of not doing their schoolwork. Parents of students at Harlem Park Elementary and Middle School are livid after a tape surfaced documenting the teacher using racial epithets to admonish her students.

Another Unarmed Black Man Fatally Shot By Baltimore Cops

AFRICANGLOBE - An unarmed Black man was fatally shot on Thursday by officers in suburban Baltimore who claim they thought he had a weapon when they were called to a home from which he was barred by protective order, the police chief said.

Freddie Gray’s Death Was A Homicide, Autopsy Confirms

AFRICANGLOBE - The death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, an event which provoked massive protests and unrest, leading to a police-military occupation of Baltimore by 5,000 National Guardsmen, was an act of homicide caused by police officers, an autopsy report leaked by an anonymous source to the Baltimore Sun confirmed.

Grand Jury Indicts Police Officers In The Murder Of Freddie Gray

AFRICANGLOBE - A grand jury in Baltimore has indicted six police officers on homicide and assault charges in the death of Freddie Gray, who was fatally injured last month in police custody, the city’s chief prosecutor said Thursday.

Ignoring Businesses, Baltimore Shuts Off Water To 1,600 Homes

AFRICANGLOBE - Despite the millions owed by commercial properties in overdue water payments, the city of Baltimore has strictly targeted its residents and in the past 6 weeks has shut off the water supply to more than 1,600 households, reporting reveals.

Nonviolence For Whom?

AFRICANGLOBE - As cities erupt after decades of oppression and violence at the hands of police, calls for nonviolence can be deafening. “Violence isn’t the answer,” the moralists chide when protesters throw rocks and clash with police. They’re right. But they’re telling the wrong people.

Jay-Z And Beyonce Have Been Discreetly Paying The Bail Of Baltimore...

AFRICANGLOBE - Jay-Z and Beyonce get a lot of flack for being apolitical, but if a series of tweets from noted hip-hop writer, cultural critic and activist dream hampton can be believed, the couple is actually very politically engaged -- but just prefer to keep their social activism quiet.

Baltimore’s Youth Are Champions, Not Thugs — An Open Letter To...

AFRICANGLOBE - Mr. President, the young people of Baltimore are not thugs. They are potential champions. I know because I used to be in a gang and called “a thug. Thank God that one of my teachers knew I was much better than that and brought out the champion in me that I never knew existed. He taught me chess. He taught me there is a consequence for every action. He taught me success is mine to achieve if I make the right moves. Now, I want to go to Baltimore and teach this same vital lesson.

Baltimore Leads Comparable Cities In Black-Owned Businesses

AFRICANGLOBE - In Baltimore, 35 percent of businesses are Black-owned, which is unusual for its size. I looked at the percentage of businesses that are Black-owned for the 20 U.S. cities with populations between 450,000 and 650,000. The data come from the Census’s Survey of Business Owners, which hasn’t been updated since 2007. (Data for 2012 is scheduled to be released later this year.)

Anti-Black Racism Exposed In Israel, America

AFRICANGLOBE - Ethiopian Israelis, long the victims of systematic racial discrimination in Israel, evoked the spirit of Baltimore and demanded an end to discrimination and police brutality. However, it was in the liberal bastion of Tel Aviv that the protests turned into a battle zone between the police and Ethiopian Israelis.

Baltimore: Killer Cops Threaten To Sue State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby

AFRICANGLOBE - The Baltimore police officers being prosecuted over the murder of Freddie Gray threatened on Friday to sue the city’s top prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, for arresting them, as they demanded that she step down from their case over alleged conflicts of interest.

From The Haitian Revolution To Salvador, Bahia To Baltimore, The Issue...

AFRICANGLOBE - Whether it’s the 211 years since the Haitian Revolution to Haiti’s status as the poorest country in the West, to police brutality in Baltimore, Maryland or Salvador, Bahia, certain mouth pieces, intellectuals and journalists want to drown the flames of anger with ridiculous proclamations that “this has nothing to do with race”.

FBI Admits To Using High-Tech Spy Planes To Monitor Freddie Gray...

AFRICANGLOBE- Baltimore joins a growing list of cities where anti-police brutality protests have fallen under the purview of FBI’s surveillance apparatus. According to yesterday’s Baltimore Sun, federal authorities used their sophisticated fleet of spy aircraft to “watch over Baltimore in the wake of rioting”. FBI spokeswoman Amy Thoreson insisted the aircraft were used to help Baltimore Police “keep an eye out for criminal activity”:

Study: More White People See Systemic Problems In Policing After Freddie...

AFRICANGLOBE - While there are sharp differences in how Black and white people feel about race relations and interactions with police, a recent Pew Research poll does reveal that Blacks and whites agree on one thing: it was the right decision to charge the six Baltimore police officers in connection with Gray’s death.